Gorgeous sticks that your wallet can leave behind

Gorgeous sticks that your wallet can leave behind

Since its inception, PXG (Parson Extreme Golf) has stood for the finer things in life. You’ve surely seen someone on your local course pull a full set straight out of their Tesla and roll it down the red carpet in their motorized wheelbarrow. Well, you no longer have to be associated with the elite to afford the great technology, looks, and performance that PXG claims to offer.

As PXG continued to grow in the premium golf club market, they found new ways to capitalize on a much larger market. the budget-friendly golfers who just want a few good clubs at an affordable price.

Enter line 0211.

While some would refer to it as a “budget” lineup from PXG, the 0211 is priced as such while still maintaining the sex appeal that only PXG can offer.

As a golfer identifying with this cost-conscious part of the market, PXG seemed out of reach for so long. That is, until the 0211 line came out … and then went on sale.

Yes, you heard right. PXG’s affordable club line has been selling at even bigger discounts lately, making any lineup, driver, fairway, hybrid, or iron a bargain.

So it was only natural that I would dive in and buy a set.

I drove to Scottsdale and PXG headquarters yesterday to pick up my brand new 0211 DualCore irons. A complete set of 5-PW with medium-sized handles and graphite MMT shafts from Mitsubishi cost me … $ 540. Yes. 540 dollars. That price is insane, and not just by PXG standards. I mean, how many of you can buy an iron set for that price from one of the major OEMs? Not to mention the 0211 DualCore irons are new for 2021, this isn’t last year’s model.

While the 0211 claims game improvement status, I’d say they fit into the player’s distance category. The profile is small, compact and the top line looks really thin when addressed. I love that PXG is sticking to the classics, just slivers and some shiny chrome with black details.

Obviously these clubs made a great first impression on me. Cant tell how excited I was to get a slice of this PXG experience for a fraction of the mainstream PXG price. While they haven’t seen the course yet, there will be a full and detailed review shortly.

If they do anything close to what I want them to do, PXG will have a big winner in hand.

Sexy looks, sexy price. Get them while you can and stay tuned for the upcoming review.

Cover picture via Connor


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