Ideal round of golf: “Every Wednesday evening in Mission Bay with three friends and 12 Stellas”

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Golf Clubs

“Ha ha, look at Mr. Persimmon!”

Hello hipsters:

So the other day my boyfriend and I had a conversation about exercise. He’s a physical education teacher in North County. He says to me, “The only sport you can win with the lowest number of points is golf.” Well, I think that’s pretty awesome. That seems more of a hipster game, meaning cool hats, bell bottoms and drinking scotch while exercising! My question is, is there any other sport where whoever has the fewest points wins?

– Punch in one fell swoop!

This would be just an absolute killer pub quiz question: name as many sports or games as you can think of that win the lowest score. I can think of a handful of games and sporting events (other than golf) where the lowest score wins. The card game Hearts is known to be a game in which the lowest points are won. and the Omnium Track Cycling Race at the Olympics was previously rated with a ‘6’ being both the lowest and the best points a single rider could achieve. I believe that some and maybe all of the sailing regattas are scored in the same way, i.e. first place of each race gets one point, second place gets two, and so on.

If I’m allowed to throw a wrench into work here, the better way to get a round of golf (match play, of course) is to have a highest-scoring format wins. Does that change our calculation here? Maybe. Maybe not. But if you want to look at golf in hipster terms, it goes a lot deeper than scotch and hats.

There are generally two golf courses. There is real country club golf, and then there is any other type of golf that can be played on publicly accessible courses. The first category is very limited, of course, but the second category encompasses pretty much everything from mini golf at the mall to a round of pebble beach. Hipster golf generally falls into the second category.

Ask a real golfer to describe their ideal lap and you will hear something like “shooting under” [SCORE] at [COURSE]Ask a hipster to define their ideal lap and you’ll be given something like “Every Wednesday night in Mission Bay with three friends and 12 Stellas” or “Hit a small bucket of range balls and then play a sizable number of Bloody Marys.” drink Tobey’s 19th hole. ”The difference between golfers and hipsters who play golf is the difference between golf as an end in itself and golf as an excuse to have a drink, which, as the differences go, is quite significant.

There is, of course, a small subset of people who fit both circles of the HIPSTER / GOLFERS Venn diagram. I’m talking about the serious golfers who play with kaki clubs. You might find them unbearable – especially when they start talking about the “feel” of that persimmon fairway wood they spent $ 418 on – but maybe give them a break because they are generally pretentious, to play in Pebble Beach Pro. Am. Also note that they don’t compete for the latest tungstanium golf clubs every year and try in vain to buy half a point of their handicap. You just have to have a game for the fun and the soul to use technologically obsolete “craft” like a wooden golf club, and that’s actually pretty cool.