Infinite Variety Golf Holland starts renovating Twentsche GC

by | Nov 9, 2021 | Golf Clubs

Infinite Variety Golf Holland has started renovations at Twentsche Golf Club in Ambt Delden, the Netherlands.

The plan of the design office was drawn up with the aim of making the course in the east of the country playable for everyone, improving the quality of the green complexes and optimizing the strategy of each hole.

This year, under the supervision of Jurrian van der Vaart from the IVGH, all green spaces and green bunkers will be renovated with Vos Groen en Sport craft constructions.

“We have made a vigorous start to some major earthmoving work,” said van der Vaart. “A lot of hills and bumps had been built around the greens beforehand. They haven’t improved the course visually or in terms of playability. We will use the reclaimed soil to fill a large number of obsolete bunkers, after which we will build beautiful sloping environments that offer a much wider variety of short game opportunities. “

With the support of the club staff, Vos Groen en Sport will then concentrate on the green bunkers. “Our method of building bunkers will allow us to construct side walls at a steeper angle than before, partly aided by the use of fine, angular bunker sand,” said van der Vaart. “As a result, the bunkers will pose a much greater visual threat and their playability will be vastly improved. In combination with infiltration boxes, where necessary, the drainage capacity of the sand ensures reduced maintenance costs all year round. “

In addition to the work of IVGH, a member of Clayton’s global partnership, DeVries & Pont, the irrigation of the course is being updated by Aquaco with back-to-back Perrot sprinklers installed on all greens, providing both the greens and their surroundings with adequate water supply . “This will give the green staff the ability to water the surfaces very precisely and bring the environment to a quality that is very seldom seen in the Netherlands,” said Van der Vaart.

Rob Ticheler, member of the club’s board of directors, said: “The main reason for this renovation is to make the golf course more enjoyable and varied. Right now, the dangers of our long championship course really come into play for the average player, resulting in a rather boring and boring round of golf. We are one of the oldest clubs in the Netherlands, but we want to remain relevant compared to the “new” generation of courses. For the past five years IVGH has been working on a plan to achieve this, supported by an enthusiastic group of dedicated members. After the plan is fully implemented, we expect the price to return to the top 20 in the country.

“As part of the current work, our driving range and practice facilities are also being massively modernized.”

The project will continue in 2022 with the construction of 35 new tees and 17 fairway bunkers. Work will be completed in 2023 with a renovation of the second and third holes.