Inside the golf club that suggested members use water taxis to reach the 5km rule

by | Aug 22, 2021 | Golf Clubs

Theo Onisforou will face two additional speeding fines in court.Credit:James Brickwood

Today there is much more networking on bicycles than on golf carts. The phenomenon of middle-aged men in Lycra (also known as MAMIL) over the past decade means business conversations are taking place between morning bike teams today.

“Fund manager Geoff Wilson’s group was famous for their drive, chat, and coffee briefing to kick off the day,” says a source.

Onisforou caught by speed camera

Sydney businessman According to Onisforou appeared unexpectedly in Downing Center District Court this month to crack down on speeding fines.

Tobias - or an impersonator - showed up on the Tinder dating app.

Tobias – or an impersonator – showed up on the Tinder dating app.

The real estate mogul says he has been fined a number of times after being caught on Oxford Street last year when the speed limit fell from 50 km / h to 40 km / h without proper signage.

“I appealed and got out,” Onisforou told Emerald City. “I told the court that I had two more, and this is the first of three that I want to appeal against; I did 50 in a 60s zone and is now a 40s zone. “

The Sun-Herald reported that the speed camera pinged so many motorists east that the government stopped enforcing fines in early October and instead began warning people.

The owner of The Intersection retail center in Paddington wasn’t the only Onisforou on trial; his 21 year old son Angus, who recently moved to Melbourne on business, was fined $ 150 by Waverley Council for pleading guilty to “not staying left of median motor vehicle”.

Nightclub boss turns to Tinder

There’s no denying that lockdown can be lonely, especially if you don’t have a bedtime buddy to keep you warm during hibernation. And so it seems to one of Sydney’s most sought-after bachelors, Julian Tobias.

Emerald City spied on co-owner of floating nightclub The Island in search of love (or maybe just a good time?) On Tinder. It was only a year ago, Tobias and his former girlfriend, the French model Charlotte Coquelin, Took the serious relationship step to buy a puppy together.

Tobias was embarrassed when asked about his profile on the dating app. “I don’t know, it must be some kind of prank,” he suggested.

The Tinder account in question had a blue check mark indicating that the person was verified on the app, but the profile says Tobias is 36 when in fact he is 42.

Bianca Roccisano pictured with Rich Lister Jonathan Hallinan.

Bianca Roccisano pictured with Rich Lister Jonathan Hallinan.

“I don’t know what that means, but it has to be someone who messes with me somehow,” said Tobias. As a former Cleo Bachelor of the Year, Tobias has a number of gorgeous exes, including the model Julianna Schmiede, actress Nina Dobrev and model Alexis Ren. In July, Tobias spent $ 5.5 million on a Bondi penthouse with breathtaking beach views.

Social media posts trigger calls to the police

Residents in Melbourne’s affluent southeast suburbs should be better off paying attention to what they are sharing on social media during the lockdown.

Emerald City is told that photos of a birthday party posted to Instagram last Saturday night outraged outraged acquaintances who then tipped off the police. Rumors are widespread Francesca Packers Buddy, fashion designer Bianca Roccisano, allegedly hosted a group in their newly purchased Toorak home. Private gatherings are prohibited in Melbourne due to COVID restrictions.

The photos suggest that for the 36th

“I don’t want to comment on that,” Roccisano said when Emerald City called. In a follow-up email she wrote: “I didn’t have a party with 20 people in my Toorak house. I run a well-known company and I strongly warn you not to publish untrue articles. “

After a young couple from Melbourne’s Jewish community hosted an engagement party for 69 guests in St. Kilda, six participants contracted COVID-19.

The couple have asked for forgiveness for violating Melbourne’s lockdown rules, but footage has surfaced where the groom joked that the gathering was legal because it was a group therapy session.

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