It’s not just about Kenmare Golf Club. It’s part of the city.

by | Sep 3, 2021 | Golf Clubs

It’s not just a flagship event for Kenmare Golf Club; It is in the heart of the city and its surroundings.

That’s the ethos behind the Three Brothers Golf Classic, and its absence from the 2020 calendar was another pain for the region and the club to soak up last year. COVID restrictions have been tough on golf clubs, but 2020 was also the year an accidental fire destroyed the historic Kenmare Clubhouse.

But the club is rebuilding from that early morning in June 2020, and its signature classic is back too. It couldn’t be more welcome, Kenmare Golf Club’s Charlie Vaughan told The Kerryman.

“It’s huge, it was a real gap in the calendar last year,” he said. “This is an important competition.”

It started in 1978 and this will be his 43rd production. More than 60 teams of three brothers will tee off during the two-day event, which is slated to begin on September 10th. Part of the magic is that there is a waiting list for those who want to attend, and when you get on, your spot is reserved for future expenses as long as you can fill your entry annually. The prestige of the game is so great, McGuirk’s Golf will be making presentations this year to the new brothers attending. When you’re in, you’re there, as Charlie puts it.

“It brings a unique atmosphere,” said Charlie. “You may have brothers together from three parts of the country who in the course of a year may not be together. We have a pair of brothers, the Reens of Tralee, and they competed in the first classic in 1978.

“It’s a source of money for the club, but by no means a cash cow for us. This is a competition for the city; that is the ethos. This is reflected in the support we have from our sponsor Lee Strand. Kenmare and the surrounding area would be a key area for them.

“This is also reflected in the support we have received from Kenmare Shamrocks GAA. We’re working on our clubhouse but it’s out of order this year so they stepped in and made us use their facilities. This year it will be hosted by the Kenmare GAA Club and without that we couldn’t hold the event. “

The club and the event are also supported by local companies that benefit from the side effect themselves.

As you may have noticed, this year’s list of participants is full, but you can still apply for the 2022 waiting list.

On Thursday, September 9, on the eve of the classic, there will also be a run-up to the main event, an invitation warm-up.
All questions about these and more can be directed to the Kenmare Golf Club at (064) 664 1291 or [email protected]