Jepsen sinks first career hole-in-one | Sports

  Jepsen sinks first career hole-in-one |  Sports

Jenn Jepsen was looking for a new hobby last summer.

The Beverly resident chose golf. She bought a starter set of golf clubs and got out with friends for three or four rounds in the summer of 2020.

That year she ramped things up and joined her own golf league, a women’s league at Meadows Golf Club on Blue Island.

On July 21st, Jepsen went on her weekly round with her usual foursome. The round had its ups and downs, and then Jepsen hit the tee of her final number 9 hole.

With a six-iron hybrid from the tee at par-3, Jepsen’s shot landed within five feet of the hole and the ball took a small bounce and then rolled straight into the cup for her first hole-in-one career.

Witnesses of the shot were her friends and golf colleagues Karen Galotta and Theresa Donnelly from Beverly and Michelle Dombro from Evergreen Park.

“It was definitely one of the best experiences of my life. I’m looking for a suitcase so we can frame the ball, ”said Jepsen with a laugh. “I hyperventilated. I couldn’t breathe. Michelle stood there with me and we watched the ball and said, ‘Oh! Oh! Oh my gosh!’ And then we all started screaming and jumping around. “

Jepsen is a lifelong resident of Beverly and lives in Christ the King Church with husband Bill and two children, Rosemary and Marty. Jepsen is an English teacher at Oak Lawn Community High School.

Last summer, Jepsen introduced herself to the game of golf with the help of Bill and Karen Ford, her childhood friend and avid golfer.

“Karen is an incredible golfer. I went out and watched them, but I never picked it up myself, ”said Jepsen. “I met her at Ultimate Golf in Willowbrook and she really helped me. Bill got me a brand new set of Callaway clubs. Karen helped me with the thugs all day. You were the real game changer. “

Jepsen, 50, enjoyed her new hobby, especially meeting her friends to play golf every week.

“Everyone said the league isn’t too serious, so just join in and have fun,” said Jepsen. “It forces me to come out and play at least once a week. I come from a golfer family. All three of my brothers are playing, so I was like, ‘Go out and do it!’ I love being outside and I love doing sports. “

It was an OK performance for the rest of their nine-hole round on July 21st, but Jepsen saved her best for the last.

“It’s a moody game,” said Jepsen with a laugh. “The shots will be there in a week. The next is like I’ve never touched the clubs before. I can drive very well, but I can’t putt. “

At the ninth tee, Jepsen listened to some kind advice from Galotta.

“Karen said, ‘You’re looking to the left again. Turn your body! ‘”Said Jepsen. “For me it was the record of all time. I hit it right there and it rolled in. The next day I was in Fountain Hills and people congratulated me, people I didn’t even know. “

Similarly, the week before Jepsen got her ace, Ford hit her own hole-in-one.

“Karen gets her first hole-in-one a week before me. I’ll have one next week. It’s like ‘out’, isn’t it? ‘”Said Jepsen. “I’ll be out there again this Wednesday, playing. We’ll see how it goes, but the hole-in-one can’t be taken away. I got that.”


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