Jordan Ofahengaue keeps everything in the family between Grandpa and Tony Finau

by | Oct 10, 2021 | Golf Clubs

The descent of Jordan Ofahengaue always led him to it.

It is inevitable when a golf resource is ready and willing to help at every turn. On one side of his family are two PGA professionals and a college head coach. On the flip side, just a guy named Tony Finau who was a little successful on the PGA Tour and the Ryder Cup.

Yes, Jordan Ofahengaue has been prepared for this 2021 National Rental Car PGA Jr. League Championship at Grayhawk Golf Club. The 11-year-old is here with Team Utah and behind his golfer family.

“I think it’s really cool because they can all play and are always there when I need them,” said Jordan.

Golf crept into the family’s bloodlines when Jordan’s grandfather Sivia Wightman, originally from Samoa, came to college in the United States with an interest in golf in tow. He settled in Massachusetts, where he met his wife, Lynn, and eventually became the first PGA member from the Samoan Islands and PGA Professional at Holyoke Country Club.

His children grew up as pasture rats and always honed their skills. Sivia’s son, Tele Wightman, who is the captain of Team Utah, played college golf in South Florida and on the mini tour; his daughter Juli played at BYU and the Symetra Tour before becoming the head coach of women’s golf at Utah Valley University; and Sara also played at BYU before launching her clubs to start a family with Kelepi Ofahengaue that now consists of a daughter and four sons – including Jordan.

“We grew up on the square, one of those households where you have no choice. You play golf, ”Sara said with a laugh. “Now our kids are doing the same.”

Sivia began taking Jordan’s golf lessons and is now taking lessons from Tele, who is also the golf director of the Thanksgiving Point Golf Course. And when Jordan isn’t with his grandfather or uncle, he’s hanging out with a slightly more famous family.

Tony Finau lives in the Strait of the Ofahengaues. So when he’s in Utah, he’s often with his son Jraice, who also plays PGA Jr. League golf, and Jordan.

“It’s really, really great,” said Jordan. “It’s crazy that your uncle is Tony Finau.”

The title “Uncle” is affectionate as Finau is technically a second cousin of Kelepi, but the connection between him and Jordan is undoubtedly that of an uncle-nephew.

“They play together all the time,” Sara said of Finau’s family and their boys. “Tony cares about her so much. He always encourages them, helps them, gives them tips. When he’s in town, he just writes us to come and pick up Jordan. He’s exactly what you see on TV. He’s literally the best guy, the best example for my children. “

With that kind of help, it’s no wonder Jordan is part of a roster ready to take home the PGA Jr. League Championship this weekend.

“There are so many resources, right?” Said Tele Wightman with a grin. “When they go out and play, it’s all cousins ​​and they compete and push each other. I just think it helps each of them make progress. “

Even at the age of 11, Jordan understands how lucky he is to have this type of leadership.

“You always have to work on it to be good,” he says. “But I know that sometimes I get spoiled because they know everything. And they can get nice things and clubs and such. “

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