Lahore Garrison Golf Team leads 2nd PGA Inter Club Golf at PAF Golf Club

by | Aug 29, 2021 | Golf Clubs

From Sohail Ali

LAHORE, Aug 29 (APP): The golf teams from three of Punjab’s premier golf clubs, Lahore Garrison Greens Golf Club, PAF Skyview Golf Club and Rawalpindi Golf Club competed here on Sunday for honors through team-based skillful application of golf to achieve skills.

The format of this Punjab Inter Club Golf competition was set a year ago by the Pakistan Golf Federation and was classified as a team event in which the members of the team consisted of four amateurs, four senior amateurs, two juniors under 15 and two juniors in the age group over 15 to 18 years, two amateurs and two girls under 21 years.

At the end of the first round in this two-day fight, the Lahore Garrison Greens team combined extremely well to emerge as more dominant and look fitter and better than the rest.

After the first round, the Lahore Garrison Greens team scored 1201 gross points. Their superiority can be measured by the fact that they are 116 strokes ahead of the Rawalpindi Golf Club team, which had a total of 1317 points.

The PAF Skyview team is even further behind with a rather modest looking gross total of 1375.

For the Lahore Garrison team, their experienced and high performing players were their amateur golfers. The young Ahmad Kayani was particularly outstanding, he showed his tees confidently and made his strokes from the fairways just as effortlessly.

A flawless free lap earned him a glamorous 70 gross score, two under par, and helped his team improve morale.

The other two amateurs who campaigned with laudatory results are Damil Ataullah and Noman Ilyas. Damil had a score of 77 and Noman also got a gross score of 77 to give the Garrison team a commanding lead.

Of the senior amateurs, Rashid Akbar scored 83 points, Lieutenant Colonel (right) Asif Mehdi scored 85 and Col M. Shafi scored 89.

With the women, Suneya Osama and Ghazala Yasmin did a worthwhile effort, as did their two girls Bushra Fatima and Adina Ataullah. From the boys Shahbaz Ali and Rehan Babar and Jamshed Matloob came a commendable performance.

For the Rawalpindi team, their amateurs Umer Khokher and Haider Atiq were outstanding, but did not receive the necessary winning help from the senior amateurs and the boys.

The final round of the PGA Inter Club Golf Competition will be played today on the PAF Skyview Golf Course.

Although the Rawalpindi team is lagging behind, its teammates seem determined to challenge their opponents, the Lahore Garrison Greens, on the final 18 holes tomorrow, Monday.