Makensy Knaub wins the third consecutive golf title in the York-Adams League for girls

by | Oct 1, 2021 | Golf Clubs

  • Makensy Knaub from Dallastown won the York Adams Girls’ Golf Crown for the third year in a row.
  • Evan Twyman of the South Western won the York Adams Boys Golf Championship.
  • The league tournament took place at Briarwood Golf Club near West York.

Makensy Knaub of Dallastown tees off during the YAIAA Individual Golf Championship at Briarwood Golf Club in West Manchester Township on Thursday September 30th, 2021.  Photo by Dawn J. Sübers

Ask the New York Yankees or Los Angeles Lakers teams who excelled at the turn of the century.

It’s pretty hard to pull off a three-peat.

Dallastown High School senior Makensy Knaub wasn’t born when these franchises finished their three championships in a row, but she got a taste of how tough Thursday was.

Knaub took part in the York-Adams League singles golf championships after winning the girls’ title in the last two seasons. She admitted that she felt a little stress on the first tee.

“To be honest, I felt a lot of pressure today,” said Knaub. “Just because of my senior year, it’s my last year I’ll play and I’ve won two years in a row and I’ve got off to a rocky start.”

The senior of the Wilidcats made the first two holes and added three more bogeys in her first nine. With 11 holes she tied with Lilly McNally of West York on 6-over. At this point, she used her experience at prestigious events to win the tournament title at Briarwood Golf Course near West York.

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“I think playing at national level helped me gain that experience to bring it all together and finish well,” said Knaub. “I think when I started turning it on I knew I would go through to the end.”

Knaub had only one bogey during her final nine holes and finished her round with three birdies to win the championship with a 4-over-par 76. Knaub’s Dallastown teammate Taylor Hicks finished second with an 82 and McNally finished third with an 83.

After battling through the mental struggles to start her round and eventually win the title, Knaub hopes she can learn from this as she prepares to repeat herself as the Class 3-A champion in District 3 .

“That was a good experience for me in terms of pressure,” said Knaub. “I think I’ll be in a clearer headspace during the districts.”

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Evan Twyman of South Western during the YAIAA Individual Golf Championship at Briarwood Golf Club in West Manchester Township, Thursday September 30, 2021. Photo by Dawn J. Sübers

Twyman wins the boy’s title: Meanwhile, South Western Senior Evan Twyman entered the boys’ event without pressure.

Twyman had a solid regular season but had never threatened to win the league title in his last two attempts.

Twyman had scored 87 and 83 points during the previous championship events, but Thursday was a different story. The Mustangs senior shot a 3-under 69 with six birdies to secure the boys’ title. It was the best lap of his life.

“It feels really great,” said Twyman. “I’ve always tied my low round and making it in a big tournament like this is immense for me.”

The first time Twyman shot a 3-under was this summer when he was playing alone on his home course in South Hills near Hannover. Twyman spent almost every possible moment working or practicing in South Hills and eventually saw that the hard work paid off in victory.

“Probably there from morning to night,” Twyman said. “I’m just trying to practice as much as possible. I even work there, just trying to be there all the time.”

Twyman wasn’t the only boy to underperform during the event. Caden Blanchette from the northeast shot a 1-under 71 and finished second.

Blanchette had a birdie and an eagle during his lap, which was appropriate. He played while wearing the Puma driver’s hat made famous by PGA Tour star Bryson DeChambeau, who often plays for Eagles.

Caden Blanchette of Northeastern hits his ball down the fairway during the YAIAA Individual Golf Championship at Briarwood Golf Club in West Manchester Township, Thursday September 30, 2021. Photo by Dawn J. Sübers

The senior of the Bobcats said he has worn the hat every four years since DeChambeau took the tour and was proud to pick up an eagle while using Cobra clubs similar to those of his favorite player. Unlike DeChambeau, however, he lacks the elite driving distance.

“I never really get eagles,” said Blanchette. “I don’t have the opportunity. I’m not long enough.”

District 3 qualifiers: Thursday’s event also served as a qualification for District 3.

The District 3 A field in the girls’ campaign were: Knaub (76), Hicks (82), McNally (83), South Westerns Liesel Stine (88), Susquehannock’s Haley Hebel (95), York Suburbans Gigi Merino (97) and Hannah Carl von Kennard-Dale (98). The 2-A girls’ qualifications were Olivia Kury, 87) from York Catholic, Kat Keller (90) from Delone Catholic, Braiden Wastler from Fairfield (100) and Amelia Romero (100) from Delone.

To form districts, a player had to shoot 104 or less.

The boys’ rise to the precincts in 3-A were: Twyman, 69, Blanchette (71), Susquehannock’s Ryan Thomas (74), Dallastown’s Mason Tucker (74), Dallastowns Lane Krosse (75), Susquehannock’s Sam Elsen (76) , Dallastowns Reed Krosse (76), Dallastowns Bobby Nicholson (76), Central Yorks Noah Shultz (78), Dovers Alex Glatfelter (78), Dovers Trevor Snyder (79), Susquehannocks Max Pflieger (79), Northeasterns Seth Erdley (79) , Kennard-Dale’s Jimmy Hook (80), Northeastern’s Nick Rizzuto (81), Central York’s Tyler Anderson (81) and Susquehannock’s Josh Preston (81).

The district qualifiers for the 2A boys were: Patrick Doran, 76, of York Catholic, Bradin Peart of Littlestown (83), Bryson Kopp of Delone Catholic (83), Josh Sutton of York Catholic (83), Evan Glass of Delone Catholic (87), Delone Catholics Gino Giraffa (87) and York Catholics Brady Walker (88).

In 3-A the top 17 boys made it to the districts, while in 2-A the top six league players advanced. Peart qualified as independent.

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