Men jailed for the death of a man hit with a golf club and attacked on Sheffield Street

Men jailed for the death of a man hit with a golf club and attacked on Sheffield Street

Paul Crossley, 53 years old, was hit with a golf club and attacked in Longley last year.

Sean Holt, 45, of Longley Hall Way, Longley and Richard Ferrie, 46, of Moncrieffe Road, Nether Edge, were originally charged with murder, but during their trial Holt admitted manslaughter and Ferrie pleaded guilty to a beating.

Holt was sentenced to six years and Ferrie to 18 months.

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LR: Sean Holt and Richard Ferrie

The couple attacked Paul Crossley and his friend Steven Newton on Longley Hall Road on Friday evening, May 15, 2020, after an argument that night.

After the initial argument that Mr. Crossley and Mr. Newton left, Holt and Ferrie armed themselves with golf clubs and followed the men to find them on Longley Hall Road around 9:45 p.m.

When Mr. Crossley tried to appease the couple, Holt slapped him in the face and hit him to the ground. Meanwhile, Ferrie attacked Mr. Newton with a golf club, then slapped him in the face when he was on the ground.

The defendants then escaped, left the crime scene and made their way back to Holt’s apartment.

Paul Crossley

Ferrie was seen dumping his shirt on the way, which was later found by officers in a trash can on Longley Hall Road and blood samples that matched DNA taken from the crime scene.

Mr. Crossley suffered severe cerebral haemorrhage during the attack and was rushed to hospital, but fell into a coma and died four days later.

South Yorkshire Police’s Major Crime Unit, Detective Chief Inspector James Ax, said: “During the attack, one of the blows knocked Mr. Crossley backwards and hit his head in the street.

“He suffered a fractured skull that resulted in non-survivable brain damage, and he later tragically died. Mr Crossley also suffered a broken eye socket, a broken jaw and an injury to his larynx during the attack.

Holt was jailed for leading the attack and admitting that a single blow resulted in Mr Crossley’s death while Ferrie was helping him during the incident.

DCI Ax added: “This ruling was welcomed by the police as a deterrent to those who believe that violence on our streets is acceptable.

“A man tragically lost his life in terrible circumstances, caused by a single blow. No violence is acceptable and we will continue to work proactively to stop incidents like this one that show how fragile human life can be.

“We hope this finding brings some sense of justice to Mr. Crossley’s family, but we understand that nothing can be done to mend the hole this will leave in their lives.”

During the opening of the case, Simon Kealey QC, Prosecutor, said, “Paul Crossley was unlawfully assaulted by the defendants and he never offered violence to them.”

It has been alleged that Mr. Newton allegedly hit Holt with a hammer or a table leg when Mr. Crossley and Mr. Newton originally crossed with Holt and Ferrie.

Mr. Kealey alleged that Holt and Ferrie later armed themselves with a golf club in retaliation.

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