Nambucca Heads Island Golf Club – Area News

Nambucca Heads Island Golf Club - Area News

Jake and Riley are working hard to replace the sand in the 4th green bunker

WEEKLY golf report for the week ending June 12, 2021.

Winter has definitely arrived.

Our Greens employees are working flat out to put the finishing touches to the flood repair program and to prepare the course for the Foursomes Championship in the coming weeks as well as the Vets Week of Golf and Club Championships in July.

Who would have thought that we would be doing so well again after the devastating floods a few months ago.

What a fantastic job the Greens team have done and in recognition of the support from Brad Fortesque and Fortade Group Pty Ltd, Handybin Services Pty Ltd and Coffs Harbor & Bonville Golf Clubs.

A special big thank you to Midcoast Trucks for donating a 3 ton truck that allows us to move a huge amount of sand into all of our bunkers.

GreenKeeper Greg really enjoyed playing with all of his new toys but sadly he’ll have to return them soon.

What a great community spirit.

This week’s main sponsor was Terminator Ant & Pest Control – thank you Adam Rostrom.

Tuesday June 8th was a Stableford Open Medley with two players scoring 41 points – Taralgon’s Jeffrey Blackman, 22, and Kay McGoldrick, 29, with Jeffrey winning after the countback.

Other good grades from Michael Tarleton 38 & Hugh Fraser (Armidale) 37.

The ball rundown went to 34 on the countback.

NTPs to Rhonda Rowe on the 5th, Alvin Rapley got the pizza coupon on the 13th and Bruce Silvia from Coffs Harbor on the 18th.

On Wednesday June 9th, a women’s singles match was played at Stableford in damp conditions after overnight rain stopped many from playing.

The small field trumped Gillian Anderson (20 with 38 points ahead of Jennifer Johnston (24) with 29 points in the countback.

Other good grades from Angela Patton, Leanne Welsh & Wendy Avery 29, Jan Harris 28.

The NTP on the 18th went to Jennifer Johnston.

On Thursday July 10th, a 4BBB Stableford medley was played on one of the coldest days yet.

Later that morning the winning pair Lewis Tomm & Johnathon Zirkler played 46 points ahead of Warren Fuller & Paul McElhinney with 45 points in the countback from 6 other groups all to 44 and won the ball rundown.

NTPs went to Donald Atkinson on 2, Rick Heywood on 5, John Hopkins on 7, Colin Wormleaton on Subway’s 8, Wormo again on Pizza 13th, Andrew Mackinnon got Stu’s Ball on 15 and Joe Street on 18.

There were 2 events on Friday July 11th – from 8am the Chook Run was a 2-person Ambrose for a change – Chook winners were Mark Seagram & Geoffrey Couchman and the winners of the second ball were Grant Smith & Shane O’Neill.

Also the monthly stroke event of the Island Challenge sponsored by Kempsey Haval.

Some good results were achieved with the players all keen to perform well to maintain their championship lead in the race for Royal Pines at the end of the year.

Andrew Mackinnon (16) won the event with net 66 ahead of Keith Elphick (23) net 67.Bruce Berry (4) won the scratch with 71.

Best lady was Henny Oldenhove (16) with a net 70.

Other players who could play on their handicap, or better yet win a sleeve full of balls, were Liam Fuller & Steve Carr.

NTPs went to Joe Ellison (Kiama) on 5, Phil Mander on 7, Steve Carr on Subway 8, Geoffrey McCann on Pizza 13th, Liam Fuller got Stus Ball on 15 and Bruce Berry on 18.

The current status will be displayed shortly.

Saturday, September 12th, was another busy day with the 27-hole men’s quadruple championships and a Stableford medley for those who do not want to take part in the 27-hole event.

This year’s champions of the men’s foursome are Bruce Berry & Peter Farrell with a score of 118, just one shot away were Gray McCoy & Rick Heywood 119, who won the net with 106.5.

Other good points to score on the ball rundown were Steve Frost & Colin Wormleaton, Geoffreys Harris & McCann & Chris Knight & Joe Street.

Congratulations to all of the other attendees for participating in this Honor Board event.

Stephen Doherty (18) scored 38 points at the Stableford event to win Division 1 (scratch to 17) from Matthew Ward (Macsville) with 34 points.

In Division 2 (18 to 45), John Amatto (23) from Coolangatta Tweed scored 42 points in the Ready Mob Indigenous Knockout Tournament, ahead of Alvin Rapley (29) with 38 points.

Further good marks from Keith Elphick & John Buganey 37 points.

The ball rundown to 33 points on the countback.

NTPs went to Peter Fredericks on 2, Michael Tudehope (Windsor) on 5, Colin Wormleaton on 7, Nathan Moran (Kempsey) on 8, Kevin Mulhall on 13, Matthew Ward (Macsville on 15 & Walter Bortoletto almost hollowed out on 18).

WGCNC Pennant – The Dolphins leveled their match against Coffs Spoonbills at Sawtell and Stingrays lost 3.5 to 1.5 to South West Rocks.

We’ll play at home on June 21, the first game in the rain-delayed draw.

Brian Burns Memorial Shield Challenge is a 2-day 4BBB event held in Nambucca on June 17th and Macksville on Saturday June 19th.

Course Flood Recovery – Much of the accumulated mud has been removed, some has been dumped, others have been used to fill the old bunker on the right hand side of the third fairway.

Some sand has been delivered and the front 9 bunkers will be back in the game shortly – be sure to check the Local Rules Board for game mode changes.

Manpower Mondays – Do simple tasks for a few hours Monday morning from 8:00 a.m. to support our busy Greens team – just come with your gardening gloves and log into Greens Shed.

See you on the island.

By Geoffrey MCCANN

Henny Oldenhove, Sue Brooks, Denise Paluch, Chris Clarke and Coral McCann – Dolphins

Jenny Johnston, Thea Kimber, Cheryl Gilmour, Jen Thorne and Kerrie Eichorn – Stingray’s team


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