Olo: I enjoy giving golf

by | Aug 27, 2021 | Golf Clubs


The man who overlooked grandeur and magnificence but gave everything to enable Dolphin Golf Club at Naval Base in Ojo, Lagos to rank among the best golf clubs in Nigeria, engineer Francis Olo has announced that he has great kicks out of life when he gives golf.

Olo, who recently witnessed a five-star golf tournament played in his honor as he bowed as a top management employee from the NNPC’s Department of Petroleum Resources, said that as the game of golf just blossomed in Nigeria, wealthy people have to come out to support it so that the game doesn’t collapse at some point.

“I can’t even say that I’m one of the wealthy Nigerians,” said Olo, who has an absolutely brilliant and analytical mind. “I just think people go by and money comes by, but home stays. Only what we do for people will last. Also, I always support the development of golf because I know that since this game evokes emotions in people, this game will help build a manly Nigeria and create such strong foothold for the youth ”.

Olo, who has no time for top-down bureaucracy and takes everyone on an equal footing, has also ensured that high-quality Pro-Am tournaments are regularly played in the Dolphin. He has actually sponsored amateur tournaments at St. Marks Golf Club in his hometown of Otukpo. Several golf professionals in Nigeria would point out that Olo went beyond its limits to ensure that the ailing professional golf in Nigeria did not become completely extinct.

To further celebrate this true golf icon, a 40-page golf magazine that would announce its entire golf history was circulated among 150 golf clubs in Nigeria in October.

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