Olo praises the transformation of the Dolphin Golf Club

by | Sep 18, 2021 | Golf Clubs

The Dolphin Golf Club at Naval Base, Ojo, Lagos has a new look and one of the club’s main spirits, engineer Francis Olo, is now delighted that the efforts of the past few years are now bearing fruit.

The club, which was brought to a top flight level through high quality Pro-Am tournaments by Olo, has now reached a new level by redesigning its entire environment with new infrastructure by Engr, Uti Kronagha.

The club now has a new toilet block, caddies shed and a mini shopping mall with an exquisite kitchen and a suya spot.

The idea for the new company, the captain says, is to create revenue for the club so that small monetary matters can be done without its executives necessarily setting the cap on each.

“About a decade ago when it was really hard to get this club up and running,” recalls Olo, popularly known as the champion since representing Nigeria at the Malaysian World Matchplay of the club. That it shouldn’t be put alone on a person’s doorstep. I am glad that we can now see the result of what I was talking about. “

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