PGA2K21: The 10 best clubs for your golf bag, ranking list

PGA2K21: The 10 best clubs for your golf bag, ranking list

Golf is a difficult game, and so is PGA Tour 2K21. Mastering the links requires practice, perseverance and, above all, patience. At first it is very difficult to start out as a custom character. Nevertheless, there are tools available to the player to make the game a little easier, namely the rackets.

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Not all clubs are made equal in the PGA Tour 2K21, however. Clubs are divided not only into separate brands, but also into different levels. Knowing which clubs need to prioritize gives players the added benefit of improving their game. It’s also worth noting that while putters are important, the only difference in this game is their aesthetics. They are therefore not included in this list.

10 Ben Hogan GS53 driver

Ben Hogan ES53 driver of PGA Tour 2K21

Every club in a golf bag is important, but drivers should never be neglected. They are absolutely necessary in order to have any hope of reaching the green efficiently. However, they are not always the easiest clubs to control. One wrong move can make all the difference between hitting the fairway or a spectator in the crowd.

The silver tier version of the Ben Hogan GS53 driver strikes a good balance between distance and forgiveness. It is certainly not a bad club to take advantage of while players work to unlock the more valuable models throughout their PGA Tour careers.

9 Bridgestone Tour B JGR 3-wood

Bridgestone Tour B JGR 3-wood from PGA Tour 2K21

While not providing as much distance as a driver, a 3-wood can still do the job admirably. On a par 5 hole, a 3-wood is often a good choice to move closer to the green (assuming you are on the fairway). As with drivers, players still need to hit the ball relatively flush to reap the maximum reward.

Gamers can’t go wrong with the Bridgestone Tour B JGR 3-Wood, especially the Silver tier. It offers an excellent distance with at the same time reliable forgiveness and swing level. So a player can afford to be a little sloppy with this racket without completely ruining his game.

8th Ben Hogan VKTR 3 hybrid

Ben Hogan VKTR 3-Hybrid from PGA Tour 2K21

Hybrid clubs are the best of both worlds between iron and wood. Due to a shorter shaft length, they are easier to handle than conventional wood. In addition, hybrids can hit the ball more reliably compared to a long iron.

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The Ben Hogan VKTR Hybrid brand is a worthwhile club, especially the gold tier. It is a much more forgiving club that is a less risky option when compared to longer irons and 3-wood. When it comes to playing it safe, a hybrid is the best way to go.

7th Callaway Mavrik Max 8/9 irons

Callaway Mavrik Max Iron from PGA Tour 2K21

Iron is a golfer’s bread and butter, so to speak. They are available in a variety of different loft angles and shaft lengths. On the approach to the green, matches can be won and lost. Owning the best irons makes this goal a less daunting (not to mention frustrating) endeavor.

To close short distances, the 8 and 9 irons are indispensable. The best purple tier version of the Callaway Mavrik Max series is a great choice. While ball control is more difficult than other clubs, this brand still provides strong distance stats that the player should find helpful.

6th Wilson rod model wedges

Wilson Staff Model Wedge from PGA Tour 2K21

Inevitably, something will go wrong in golf at some point. Dangers like rough and sand cannot be avoided forever. In these situations, wedges are required to free the player from their newfound dilemma. A reliable set of wedges is paramount to salvaging a bad situation.

The Purple Grade Wilson Staff Model Wedges are an excellent choice for less than ideal situations. Players can’t go wrong with any sub-type of Wilson brand wedge, whether it’s sand, lob, gap, or pitching wedge.

5 Callaway Mavrik Standard 3-wood

Callaway Mavrik Standard 3-Wood from PGA Tour 2K21

In terms of Woods, the Callaway Mavrik Standard is a suitable alternative to the aforementioned Bridgestone brand. The statistics are broadly similar. However, the Callaway Mavrik Standard offers significantly more range than the Bridgestone. Reaching the green on a long par 5 is more likely with this club.

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Conversely, the Bridgestone is more forgiving, which makes it more useful for beginners. However, the Callaway Mavrik Standard has more distance control, which helps keep the ball on target after a swing. Once players are more comfortable with their game, this racket is the superior 3-wood.

4th TaylorMade SIM MAX 3 Hybrid

TaylorMade SIM MAX 3 Hybrid from PGA Tour 2K21

A 3-Hybrid is an all-round versatile racket. The main difference between the TaylorMade SIM MAX and the Ben Hogan VKTR lies in the distance output and the control numbers. Both brands are largely similar in terms of stroke shaping, forgiveness, and swing level statistics.

The TaylorMade SIM MAX has the advantage in distance, which means the ball can fly further than the Ben Hogan brand. This comes at the expense of less distance control, but this shortcoming can be compensated for by focusing on the accuracy and efficiency of the player’s swing.

3 Bridgestone GT B JGR HF2 5 irons

Bridgestone GT B JGR HF2 5 irons from PGA Tour 2K21

It has already been said that short irons like the 8 and 9 grades are essential. For long and medium distances, however, a 5-iron should not be neglected. When navigating extensive holes like a par 5, the 5-iron is usually one of the clubs of choice.

The silver-tier Bridgestone 5-Iron has a great mix of stats that easily makes it one of the best clubs in the game. It has a respectable forgiveness for an iron when compared to other brands. The other attributes of the Bridgestone make it a formidable and versatile racket.

2 The CV Master Pitching Wedge golf club

TGC CV Master Pitching Wedge from PGA Tour 2K21

Pitching wedges are perfect for those tricky lay-up shots as you approach the green. Poor pitches with a pitching wedge can result in putts much longer than expected and ruin even the most careful plans to date.

The properties of The Golf Club CV Master Pitching Wedge are amazing. Forgiveness, swing level, and distance control are all well above average. Players who constantly struggle to get the ball near the flag will be well catered for by this club.

1 TaylorMade SIM MAX driver

TaylorMade SIM MAX driver from PGA Tour 2K21

Drivers are all about distance, and not too many can compare themselves to the TaylorMade SIM MAX. This driver can shoot a ball down a fairway with little effort. The purple tier version of the TaylorMade SIM MAX offers one of the highest distance attributes in the game.

However, the extra distance of the purple level comes at the expense of other statistics. If you’re looking for a more eclectic club, try the Silver Tier. Although the distance is reduced, other stats like forgiveness are much higher, making this club choice a less risky proposition.

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