PXG introduces 0211 Z golf clubs to golf beginners

by | Nov 12, 2021 | Golf Clubs

PXG introduces the new 0211 Z for golfers who are just starting to play the game. The 0211 Z golf clubs have a 10-piece full bag, which is also suitable for beginners who are interested in the links.

This PXG 0211 Z golf club set is designed to help student players succeed on the golf course. The bag contains a 0211 Z driver, fairway and hybrid woods. Each golf club features PXG’s proprietary Precision Weighting Technology and vibration-dampening honeycomb TPE inserts that provide forgiveness on poor strokes and higher ball launch as well. The 0211 Z Driver has an oversized club head shape with 16 degrees of loft and a high Ti412 club surface for high speeds.

The other fairway and hybrid metals use crown geometry that features a lowered heel and toe areas to help preserve spin. Additionally, the 0211 Z Hybrid Irons are manufactured with a hollow body assembly that incorporates the distance producing technology of a hybrid and the line of an iron. The club head construction includes a larger profile that allows for an exceptionally low center of gravity (CG) that is forgiving and better trajectory. A standout feature of these irons is their two-tone exterior with an edged groove that frames the top line and sole shape of the silhouette.

If you’re interested in investing in new clubs, the PXG 0211 Z Golf Set retails for $ 1700 and can be purchased from the PXG official website.

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