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Admittedly, lead tape looks very cool on a golf club. There is just something about those little gray strips of tape that adds some pop and pizzazz.

Lost in the vogue of the lead tape, however, is that there is an actual science associated with its application that causes the club to act and feel differently.

When used in certain positions, lead tape can shift the center of gravity (CG) in the club head and change the overall weight and swing weight of the golf club.

Gear 101: Where to Put Lead Tape on Your Driver to Fix Your Common Mistakes

Andrew Turky

Having enough lead on the head of a golf club can really affect how you get the club onto the ball and how the club head reacts when it hits the golf ball.

The point is, lead tape isn’t just for fashion. It’s functional.

Of course, lead tape is not the only way to manipulate and change the weight in a golf club. Many products on the market have adjustable weight technology built into club heads, and some custom fitters or even the manufacturers themselves offer custom weight options (some at an additional cost, some at stock).

But one of the most popular aftermarket techniques for manipulating the weight in a golf club is lead tape. It’s cheap, it’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s effective when used properly.

However, some golfers may be confused about where the lead tape should be attached, how much of it should be used, and why.

To illustrate the purpose of lead tape, GOLF’s fully equipment podcast recently took an in-depth look at Scott Piercy’s golf club setup. Piercy arguably uses more lead tape on his golf clubs than any other golfer on the PGA Tour, so a look at his clubs is very instructive. Not only does he use a lot of it, but he also uses the tape in areas that can really affect the outcome of a recording.

Andrew Turky

Interestingly enough, Piercy says he puts the lead tape on himself in his construction business!

Kris McCormack, VP of Tour and Education at True Spec Golf (and one of the co-hosts of GOLF’s gear-focused fully equipment podcast) provides his analysis of Piercy’s lead band work to explain the science behind it. Fitting and building golf clubs for professional golfers, celebrities and senior amateurs, McCormack knows all about lead tape. As we review Piercy’s current equipment setup, McCormack offers his insights and advice on using lead tape.

For the video version of McCormack’s Declaration on Lead Tape 101, enjoy the video at the beginning of the article. For the audio version, don’t forget to check out the “Fully Equipped” podcast recently embedded in this story.

Do you want to overhaul your bag for 2021? Find a suitable location near you at the GOLF subsidiary True Spec Golf. For more information on the latest gear news and information, please see our latest full gear podcast below!

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