There is a wide range of golf clubs available

Taylor Moore Arkansas golfer discussed how to choose the right golf club for the shot

FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS, U.S., Oct. 29, 2021 / – Golf clubs have a wide variety of styles. And with the advent of hybrids, the number of choices available to the average golfer can be overwhelming, says Taylor Moore Arkansas Golfer for the Razorbacks. Fortunately, choosing the right club for the shot is easy when the right questions are asked and answered.

Know the types of golf clubs, says Taylor Moore Arkansas golfer

The Woods group of golf clubs is so named because the club heads used to be made of wood, says Taylor Moore Arkansas golfer. They have large heads – usually the largest of all clubs – that extend several inches to the sides and front to back. They also have the longest shafts. This extra length and exposed area add extra drive.

Drivers are typically used for the longest recordings. When teeing off, for example.

The irons are numbered (2 to 9) and the heads are made of solid metal (hence “iron”). These heads are much smaller than the drivers’ heads, often several inches. They’re also flat and angled. That is why they are also commonly referred to as “blades”. The angled surface of the head or the “loft” grabs and turns the ball and gives more control over the shot but less distance than the drivers.

These clubs are typically used for shots on the fairway, shots from the tee, or for short holes, says Taylor Moore Arkansas golfer.

Hybrids are relatively new to the golf world – they weren’t introduced and popularized until the late nineties and early nineties. The head of a hybrid is basically a combination of a driver and an iron. They are numbered in the same order as the irons (9-hybrid, 3-hybrid, etc.) to help golfers choose the correct club. Hybrids are generally easier to use than irons, and many golfers prefer them over the smaller iron clubs.

These clubs are used in the same way as irons – for shots on the fairway, shots from the tee, or for short holes.

Wedges are technically a subset of iron clubs, explains Taylor Moore Arkansas golfers. They just have heads angled much more dramatically to get more height on the swing. The extra height can help tremendously if a ball is stuck in a sandpit or on a tiered green.

These clubs are typically used for short approaches to the green, chips and pitches, and for exiting sand traps.

And last but not least putter. These are the most specialized golf clubs. This means they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each designed for a different type of terrain or shot, says Taylor Moore Arkansas Golfer.

These clubs are used almost exclusively on the putting green during the final strokes of the game.

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