The golf club’s resident goose dies after being hit by an “unfaithful shot”

by | Sep 22, 2021 | Golf Clubs

A Devon golf club said goodbye to one of its most popular members after its resident goose died.

Gary was well known to members of the Dinnaton Golf Club near Ivybridge and often followed the players in search of food.

About three years ago he suffered a broken wing that prevented him from flying, and was therefore a familiar face in the club – which even earned him an honorary membership.

But now the members are mourning his death after an unfortunate incident with an idiosyncratic discount on the pitch.

“A tragic accident”

Ivybridge member Mickey Clifford said the bird was allegedly found dead after being hit in the neck by a golf ball.

“It is with great sadness that, after years of friendship, Gary was found drowned on the pond on the third tee, one of his favorite spots, after being hit in the neck by a visiting player’s golf ball,” said Mickey.

“Apparently a witness claimed that Gary sought refuge in the pond after the injury, but was unable to keep his head above water because of his injury and then drowned.

It was a tragic accident and it really shouldn’t have happened.

Mickey Clifford

Mr. Clifford said Gary was a “constant companion” to the club’s players.

“Of course there was no threat from the members because we knew his habits, his movements, his antics, his way of life,” he added.

“Based on this knowledge, we have shown him all due respect by giving him the right of way on the tee, allowing him to slowly move away from the green while putting and anticipating his every move to avoid injury.

“He was very special and gave us all so much joy and happiness.

“Thank you Gary for all the good times and we will all keep you and the times we spent together in our memories for sure.”

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