May 20, 2022
The most important characters in your golf club

IT TAKES all kinds of people to make a golf club tick. If you can get the right people to do their job to the best of their ability, chances are you have a club that is popular with its members.

So who is the most important person in your golf club? Clearly, there is no definitive answer, but with so many clubs reporting full memberships, it is important that the people in key positions are forward-thinking individuals whose priority is to retain existing members and do whatever it takes to attract new golfers.

Here are some contenders. You will not agree to all of the choices below, and we emphasize that in the Strictly Come Dancing Results Show’s best format they appear in no particular order:

The website moderator

Gone are the days when clubs could get away with paying lip service to their websites. It is the first port of call for most members and visitors. If it’s boring and out of date, it will put people off. It should all sing and dance, with drones flying over every single hole. It should be used to sell your golf club and course. It should also include all the details and pictures of the food being offered. Let visitors and members know that you’ve embraced 21st century technology.

The club secretary

Fortunately, the age profile of golf club secretaries is finally beginning to decline. Once upon a time, unapproachable old farts that club members found inconvenient. Now there are more and more individuals who know the names and backgrounds of every single club member. You no longer spend every waking hour locked up in the office or on the golf course. A good secretary will mingle with members in the clubhouse and go out of his way to approach visitors. And welcome golf clubs and the income they offer. May it go on like this for a long time.

The club professional

This is the first person visitors and members see when they arrive at your course for a round of golf. Unfortunately, they come in all shapes and sizes – there’s the wrinkled old boy who can’t wait to retire; there is the professional who is not human – and demonstrates that every time he opens his mouth; There is the enthusiastic young professional whose first job this is and who lives the club and its members. He knows everyone by their first name. With a little luck, he will also be a gifted teacher and value improving your game.

The handicap secretary

With many golfers still having difficulty navigating the World Golf Handicap System, the handicap secretary has become a more important cog than ever before. This is a person who should be able to explain the full whims of the WHS to each and every member of the club.

The club captain

Unfortunately, many clubs are having a hard time finding the right people for this important position. What would we give if proactive young golfers put their hats in the ring? A young, future-oriented club captain can bring in new ideas. A stuffed shirt simply ensures that the status quo is maintained.

The captain of women

It is a fact that women enjoy golf a lot more than their male counterparts. By and large, women are naturally better socialized with one another than men, so female captains tend to be open-minded personalities with lots of good ideas.

The junior secretary

Youngsters represent the future of every golf club. Find a club with a thriving junior membership and they will have a junior secretary who is forward thinking who encourages boys and girls and makes sure they have proper access to the course and lessons with the professional.

The social secretary

If your golf club doesn’t have a social secretary, here’s a tip – find one. As it progresses, it becomes more and more important for clubs to get involved with their local communities. It is no longer enough to just consider the needs of your membership. A decent social secretary is someone who organizes events that involve members and residents alike.

The bartender

This man or woman is the face of your club, the person all visitors judge your club by – perhaps even more so than your course. If he or she greets visitors with a warm smile and greets them sincerely, then you should be looking for a raise. Better sooner than later.

The greenkeeper

Greenkeeper golf

A good head greenkeeper is worth its weight in gold. Your course is his canvas and if you are very lucky he will create a masterpiece for you. And it’s not just about having greens that are silky smooth and run round. It’s the tees, the fairways, the rough and the bunkers. There is hardly a better sight to see while golfing than standing on a pristine tee and gazing out at a striped fairway, knowing that if you find the middle you will be rewarded with a perfect lie. Every time.

The chef

First of all, we hope your golf club has a chef because if not you will likely be eating microwaved foods or sandwiches on stale bread. In this day and age there is no reason why the food served should not be restaurant quality.

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