Tyrell Hatton is right that hoodies should be golf legal

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Golf Clubs

Tyrell Hatton isn’t afraid to speak up when he’s passionate about something, and frankly, the same guy, the same.

We all know that Hatton wore a hoodie during the 2020 BMW PGA Championship last year, where he won the event by four punches.

This outfit choice has sparked a lot of discussion about whether or not a hoodie is the right golf attire. While he wasn’t the first to wear a hoodie for winning, Hatton got a lot of attention.

Golfers around the world debated and argued about whether or not golfers should wear a hoodie. Even some clubs have made statements to their members that hoodies were on the list of things not to wear on a golf course.

What difference does a hoodie make? Well, it’s different because it’s not the big, bulky hoodie you think of when you hear the term. No, they’re sleek, tighter, just like a 3/4 zip sweater. They’re fine, but not when they have a hood.

As long as you’re warm, can swing the bat without it getting in the way, and there’s no profanity or nudity, why is that honestly important? It shouldn’t, and yet so many people think they should control what players wear. I guess they’d rather have them cold than warm on the pitch.

The topic finally settled last year, but it’s back up for discussion again, but this time it’s because Hatton made a rather bold comment about golf and her clothing choices.

Yes, Hatton was emphatic that golf is too stuffy at times, and half the golfing world probably agrees. However, there are times when I feel like the golf world is expanding a little and becoming a little less snobby. Sometimes I feel the same way, but at the same time I love the traditions of golf.


Not the whole golf world is snobbish. That’s not what I mean, but to dictate or think that they can tell people what they can and can’t wear is a bit extreme.

Some courses aren’t as strict, others are – it’s fine either way, depending on the type of golf club and the level of privacy.

However, hoodies are not the same as booty shorts, baggy shorts, bro tank tops, or any other outfit that is not allowed in clubs.

With the golfer in mind, these hoodies are made differently than a normal sports hoodie you buy in the store. It’s similar, yes, but not the same for me. I understand why sportswear is not allowed by tradition and such, but at the same time you are not naked on the golf course, so why should that matter?

Dress codes are in place because golf has always featured well-dressed men in polos, pants, panties, etc., and that’s fine too. I love golf clothes because they are timeless and they look good. At the same time, the 3/4 zipper doesn’t always cut me when I’m cold and the large jackets are not always swing-friendly.

While the golf industry loves to stick to tradition, Hatton’s comment proves that it’s okay to call this industry sometimes. The fact that so many people are against hoodies on golf courses only makes those who love them wear them even more.

So why not mess around with it, accept hoodies as the appropriate golf wear and move on to the next discussion because they are here to stay.