9 golf upgrades that will improve your game


What’s the best way to reduce the number of golf shots you take? It’s an elusive question that all amateurs and professionals alike are looking for. While there is no magic device that will change your handicap overnight, there are plenty of golf articles out there that can help you make the most of your time on the links. For example, if you don’t have a good range finder or have never tried one, upgrading can go a long way in choosing the right club for each turn. However, it’s not just expensive or technical golf equipment that affects your game. Sometimes being more comfortable on the pitch can affect your game.

We’ve rounded up golf articles that reviewers of all kinds have found useful in positively influencing their game. Regardless of whether it’s a new golf bag for relief or a breathable polo, don’t let the golf season go by without trying an upgrade. As always, the prices listed may fluctuate over time as the products go on sale.

A fresh shake: Mizuno Elite glove

This Mizuno golf glove is rated highly for its excellent grip.

An easy and inexpensive way to change and hopefully upgrade your golf game is with a new glove. The inconspicuous piece of equipment is crucial in many ways, affecting almost every aspect of your time on the track.

MyGolfSpy has highly praised this glove and awarded it the highest award. “If you’re looking for a glove that gives that ‘premium feel’ but lasts longer, choose the Mizuno Elite. Its consistent overall performance has been impressive. This performance glove excelled on several key metrics, making it the undisputed Most Wanted winner 2021 performance glove test. “

Buy from Mizuno for $ 16.

Firmer grip: Saplize golf grips

Saplize golf grips
Changing golf club handles is not difficult and could save you thousands of dollars buying brand new clubs.

Instead of throwing away clubs that might be perfectly fine with worn handles, it may be worth replacing the old handles with new, fresh ones. Be prepared for some donning work, but Saplize’s kit contains everything you need and most reviews cite a simple process.

Amazon reviewer Rob Miszewski wrote: “This is the second time I’ve bought these grips for a different set of clubs. Super easy to install and very well made! Great price too !!”

Price will depend on the size and color you choose, but should be around $ 45 for a full set. This upgrade can save you thousands of dollars while improving your game at the same time.

Buy from Amazon for $ 32.99.

A new caddy: TaylorMade 2021 FlexTech Lite bag

TaylorMade 2021 FlexTech Lite bag
A new, lighter golf bag is one way to add value to your hike on the course.

A new golf bag won’t improve your game per se, but it won’t harm it either. Great for looks and organization, this TaylorMade FlexTech Lite bag is great for carrying or karting at the same time. There are four different colors available, and it’s fairly popular.

One reviewer on Golf Galaxy under the name ECC writes, “Light enough to be carried while walking, but tough enough to hold whatever I need. It’s a great bag with lots of pockets. “

Buy from Golf Galaxy for $ 219.99.

Improved accuracy: Bushnell Tour V5

Bushnell Tour V5
Reviewers love the excellent clarity of this rangefinder. It should work just fine over long distances too.

Improving your accuracy doesn’t come cheap, but improving your pace could be important. To choose the right club, it is important to know the distance you are trying to hit the ball. There are apps and different solutions, but ranger finders are a very simple and practical way to find your unique distance on the course.

Amazon reviews for the Bushnell Tour V5 are an almost immaculate five stars. (Buying it bundled with a case also saves you a few dollars.) One reviewer, Al Richardson, wrote, “The first thing you notice is the excellent clarity of the optics. The range feature is accurate and easy to use, but the optics are so bright it’s almost like looking through an expensive spotting scope – I removed a flag from 450 yards.

Buy from Bushnell for $ 299.99.

More practice: Practice Amazon Basics Golf Net

Amazon Basics Portable Driving Practice Golf Net
The Amazon Basics practice golf net is portable and can be used indoors or outdoors.

It’s one thing to swing a club. Hitting a ball and being able to make contact is completely different. It’s important to improve the way you practice your golf swing between trips to the golf course. This practice net works indoors and outdoors and could be a game changer.

MyGolfSpy has tested a number of different exercise nets and found several that it likes. Their best value for money was that of Amazon Basics. Although it doesn’t have many features, it can meet the needs of most golfers with a network. MyGolfSpy said, “The Amazon Basics Punch Net is simple but effective, providing a sturdy frame that can withstand windy conditions. It can also be used indoors and the included bag makes it easy to move from place to place.”

Buy from Amazon for $ 84.99.

Better golf balls: Titleist Pro V1x

    Titleist Pro V1x
According to reviews, the latest version of the Pro V1x golf balls offers a longer distance and very low long-play spin.
Track list

The great thing about new golf balls is that no matter how good a golfer you are, at some point you will always need new golf balls. The crème de la crème among many enthusiasts is the Pro V1x from Titleist.

Among his fans is Spy who says, “To give the rest of us a taste of such rare golf air, Titleist is giving us the 2021 Pro V1s. These new Titleist golf balls have been completely redesigned for this year and offer a longer distance, very much short spin length and Titleist’s signature drop-and-stop technology. “

Buy from Amazon for $ 49.99.

Fresh traction: Adidas men’s ZG21

Adidas Zg21
These golf shoes have a low-key appearance but offer protection from the elements and added comfort on the course.

Even if you take a cart and don’t walk the entire course, your golf shoes should be comfortable. Personally, I wore shoes to the golf course that were not comfortable and did not handle water well. It was a miserable time. The ZG21 from Adidas copes well with all elements of the course and feels luxurious.

Says David Usher of T3, “Adidas tried to combine the lightweight benefits and comfort of a spikeless shoe with the stability and performance of a classic spiked golf shoe and I have to say they absolutely did it.”

Attention, the price may vary slightly depending on the size and color.

Buy from Adidas for $ 180.

Sun protection: Melin Hydro A-Game

Melin Hydro A-Game
This Melin Hydro A-Game hat is the perfect choice for hot weather. It’s waterproof and pretty much capable of keeping your head cool.

There are lots of great golf hats out there. The problem is, most of them are also billboards for their clubs or equipment. If you’d prefer to be agnostic or hold a grudge against Callaway, Nike, or Adidas for whatever reason, there are a few other companies out there that make solid hats. Merlin hats are great for the course, but they are also very summery and can be used in and around water. They aren’t cheap, but they go way beyond just making a high quality, durable hat.

Amazon customer Jeremy P. says: “I like this hat because I sweat a lot while playing golf and I wear several hats a year. This hat withstands a hot sweat on the course without sweat stains.”

Buy from Amazon for $ 59.99.

More comfort: Linksoul chambray shorts

Linksoul Chambray for short
The Linksoul Chambray Shorts have a professional look without being too serious. The waist has a lot of stretch and a small side pocket offers space for various items.

Not all, but many golf courses require collared shirts and nice pants and / or shorts. In this case, it is better to appear overdressed rather than underdressed. The latest items in Linksoul’s men’s summer collection strike that balance between comfort and a professional look.

I tried a shirt with full-length buttons and was impressed by the feel of the material and the light, unrestricted fit. Swinging with clubs was easy. I got to try the chambray shorts too and they’re perfect for staying cool on the court until the weather changes. I like its stretchy waist as well as the pocket on the side to temporarily store t-shirts or other small items.

Buy from Amazon for $ 72.

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