A Hard Seltzer Festival is coming to Miami this November

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Golf Courses

Seltzerland is a nationwide touring hard Seltzer festival


It’s no secret that Hard Seltzer has its time, so of course there is a festival dedicated to fizzy spirits. Produced by Cannonball Productions, Seltzerland is a nationwide touring hard seltzer festival that has toured a number of cities including Scottsdale, Tampa, Atlanta, Nashville, Austin, New York City, Chicago, Boston and Seattle.

Every event takes place on a golf course


Unlike other festivals and tasting events, Seltzerland appears in a unique way on golf courses and offers guests plenty of space as the Seltzer brands are set up at various holes around the course. Participants can take a leisurely stroll across the golf course and try over 100 types of hard seltzer without having to play golf.

After a groundbreaking event start in 2020, Seltzerland started in March 2021 with a nationwide tour of 20 cities. Each event features a day of big and small brands including White Claw, Mike’s Hard Lemonade Seltzer, Vizzy, CANTEEN, Volley and PRESS. To date, over 25,000 people have attended this bubbly festival.

Over 100 seltzer flavors are available for tasting


Like many great ideas, the happy hour was the birth of the concept. The team behind the festival, Cannonball Productions, (known for stadium-sized culinary events like the Bacon and Beer Classic, Taco Takeover, and Whiskey Feast) often enjoyed one or more selters while hanging out. It quickly became clear how many new brands and flavors there were to choose from – even more so during a liquor store in 2019 after it was noticed that an entire aisle was dedicated to the Hard Seltzer. It was then that they invented Seltzerland, a fun festival where guests can sample dozens of local and national brands to find out their favorites.

Due to COVID, they were forced to rethink the parameters for producing a live event that took them straight to the golf courses. They were among the first places to reopen during the pandemic because they are safe, outdoors, and have beautiful socially distant environments. And the rest is just history.

“We created Seltzerland to give Hard Seltzer fans the opportunity to try new flavors as entertainingly as possible. With unique activations, brand new Seltzer varieties and beautiful golf courses, Seltzerland is an experience not to be missed. ”Said Kate Levenstien, CEO and Founder of Cannonball Productions.

On November 6th, Seltzerland makes its last stop of this year’s tour in Miami at the Costa Del Sol Golf Club (100 Costa Del Sol Blvd.) for a fun Saturday with Selters. Guests can enjoy quality time with each Seltzer brand as they travel through the course while having a unique, immersive experience.

With plenty to choose from, including some of the best hard seltzer in the country – from iconic national brands to popular local businesses – everyone will be offering drink samples on-site while HORMEL® BLACK LABEL® offers bacon brunch. Attendees will also have the opportunity to indulge in extra delicious nibbles, collect loads of seltzer swag, and prepare it for high-profile, epic photo shoots.

The festival has made its way across the country


Tickets are available now and can be purchased here. Guests can experience the Seltzerland either as standing room or as a VIP. General admission tickets start at $ 29 and VIP tickets start at $ 49. VIP ticket holders will kick off the event with premium time slots, a large can of hard seltzer, a specialty cocktail, and free goodies.

Tickets and further information can be found at https://www.seltzerland.com/.