Amazing Home near Rochester, NY has its own private golf course [PHOTOS]

Amazing Home near Rochester, NY has its own private golf course [PHOTOS]

One of my favorite things to do in my free time is playing golf. I love Western New York because there are so many great golf courses in the area, including one in my garden in South Buffalo, Cazenovia, but have you always wanted a golf course that is literally in your own garden?

The answer is clearly “yes,” and there’s a home not far from Buffalo that is just that.

This beautiful Webster, NY (just outside Rochester) home is listed on Zillow for $ 300,000 and has its own private golf course.

The space is big enough to practice your putting and chipping games with the convenience of living in your own private home.

As for the interior of the house, this house has a bespoke kitchen and the living area is beautiful too.

There are three bedrooms and bathrooms with a large master bedroom and gas fireplace. The back yard also has its own deck so you can watch spectators play golf!

This home is currently for sale so a buyer would have the option of converting the golf course into a regular garden, but I absolutely wouldn’t. I would keep this golf course and play it every day … or at least every spring and summer day since it’s still in New York. Maybe you can brave the snow.

Here are some photos courtesy of Zillow.

This amazing New York State home has its own golf course

Discover this amazing home for sale near Rochester that has its own golf course!

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