Another Trump golf course appears to be using the presidential seal. This can be illegal.

by | Oct 26, 2021 | Golf Courses

Then-President Donald Trump stands at a lectern showing the presidential seal at the opening ceremony of the 100th annual Veterans Day Parade in New York City in 2019.

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A golf marker with the presidential seal appears to be in use on a Trump Organization-operated course in the Bronx, according to a photo posted to Instagram on Saturday.

Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point is at least the second Trump hotel to appear to use the presidential seal on tee marks, potentially in violation of federal law that prohibits the display of the seal in any way that might suggest government approval or sponsorship . It is also illegal to make an image of the seal without government approval. While the sentence can be up to six months in prison, prosecutors have not prioritized prosecuting people who abuse the seal.

Other Instagram posts also appear to show markings showing the presidential seal used on one of Trump’s New Jersey golf courses, Forbes previously reported.

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The Trump organization did not respond to inquiries.

The markings that appear to have popped up on Trump properties in the past few months resemble a batch uncovered by “Trump, Inc.,” a podcast by ProPublica and WNYC, in 2018. These flags were quickly removed after this report was published.

Back then, the Trump organization blamed die-hard supporters for the incident. “The plaques were presented to the club by a small group of members who are incredible fans of the President in honor of Presidents’ Day weekend,” the company said in a 2018 statement to the podcast. “They were temporary and have since been removed.”

The former President’s company has a 20-year contract to operate Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point on behalf of the City of New York. For now. The deal is slated to end in 2032, but Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) has been looking for a way out after Trump instigated a riot in the Capitol on Jan. 6, which Trumps with an Atlanta-based company from Nov. 15, The City reported. The Trump Organization denies its removal in court.

As of Tuesday, however, the club will still operate with the name Trump and its typical opening times, as someone at the reception takes calls. And apparently Trump Golf Links also operates at Ferry Point with the presidential seal issued.

The presidential seal will be used as a tee mark at Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point, according to a post on Instagram.


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I took an unusual route to get here. In a previous life I was a travel and food writer, so in 2016 I was hired to cover the opening of the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC, just a few miles from my home. When Trump won the election and refused to sell his business, I stuck to the story, started a newsletter called 1100 Pennsylvania (named for the hotel’s address), and contributed to Vanity Fair, Politico, and NBC News. I’m still interested in Trump, but I’ve broadened my focus to also track the money associated with other politicians – both Republicans and Democrats.

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