Centuries-old golf course wins the battle to preserve its lawn

Centuries-old golf course wins the battle to preserve its lawn

A centenarian golf course in Chabua in the Dibrugarh district of Assam, where once the last Viceroy of British India, Lord Luis Mountbatten, who played nine holes, was almost plowed up and turned into a tea plantation until a group of golf enthusiasts intervened to raise the heritage -Save course. Last week there was a meeting between golfers, the government and a tea giant who wanted to use Kanjikhowa golf course to grow tea, and fortunately everyone agreed to save the old golf green. Famous for their tea, the twin districts of Dibrugarh and Tinsukia in Upper Assam are home to ten such heritage golf courses, where the British planters and army officers played, drank and ate. However, the Kanjikhowa golf course came into the spotlight when a nearby tea plantation began plowing that course to grow tea months before the Covid lockdown, Siddhartha Chaliha, secretary of the Upper Assam Golf Association (UAGA), told PTI.

Locals and other stakeholders, including UAGA, launched a campaign to save the historic golf course and urged the government to step in and ensure that the renovation stopped.

Then-Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal directed Dibrugarh’s Deputy Commissioner Pallav Kumar Jha to investigate the matter and he stopped work and immediately issued Section 144 CrPC prohibitive orders.

The ban on the Kanjikhowa golf course was recently lifted after a meeting convened by Jha on August 9th, at the representatives of the Kharjan tea plantation, the Upper Assam Golf Association, the All Assam Tea Tribes Students’ Association (AATTSA) (ACMS). ” During the meeting, it was unanimously decided that the historic Kanjikhowa golf course should be retained in its current form. A committee has been formed made up of representatives from the Upper Assam Golf Association, Kharjan Tea Plantation, ACMS and AATTSA, ” said the deputy commissioner.

The committee will mark the golf course boundary, identify interventions and take steps to develop the golf course, Jha added.

” We are satisfied with the decision made at the meeting. Kanjikhowa Golf Course is one of the oldest golf courses in India and we need to keep its legacy alive, ” said Chaliha.

The Kanjikhowa golf course was linked to the Panitola Sports Club in 1912, making it one of the oldest in the region.

The long-dismantled Bangalow of the Superintendent of the Budlabeta Tea Company near the golf course was the scene of a meeting between the British Commander-in-Chief Lord Mountbatten of Burma and the Chinese Commander-in-Chief during World War II. the one when Mountbatten played gold on his limbs.

Assam is synonymous with its tea gardens and golf courses and “many feelings and memories are associated with these golf courses. Many tourists visit these golf courses not only to play but also to immerse themselves in their rich history, ” said the UAGA secretary.

He pointed out that the golf courses in Upper Assam will not survive for the next fifty years if appropriate measures are not taken now.

Chaliha pointed out that private operators can be involved in developing resorts.

Golf courses that have the infrastructure for other sports can also be called a hub for a specific sport – squash courts, indoor badminton stadium, table tennis stadium, boxing gyms, and according to their name, modern infrastructure can be added for this sport .

However, government support is critical to the success of this heritage infrastructure, and that includes land use permits and well-funded sports policies with an emphasis on encouraging participation at the local level, Chaliha said.

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