Chef Zach Espinosa takes over the culinary management of the Blue Mound Golf & Country Club

Chef Zach Espinosa takes over the culinary management of the Blue Mound Golf & Country Club

Head Chef Zach Espinosa has taken on a new Head Chef role starting today at Blue Mound Golf & Country Club, 10122 W. North Ave., a venue with over 100 years of history and one of only three golf courses in the state, including major championships PGA tour to host.

In his role, Espinosa will oversee all of the club’s kitchen operations, from dining experiences to events, and will work with Sous Chef Sandy Hierro and Club House Manager Keith Gressle to ensure excellent experiences for members and guests.

“We are very excited to welcome him,” said Rich Tennessen, President of the Blue Mound Golf & Country Club Board of Directors.

“We were impressed with both the quality of his food and his experience. What set him apart, however, was his leadership skills. His approach enables him to develop, engage and nurture others. We are very much looking forward to his contributions and the enthusiasm he will create with regard to the food on offer. ”

Perhaps best known for his work with the Bartolotta Restaurant Group, Espinosa has held a variety of culinary leadership positions, from Executive Chef at Mr. B’s Steakhouse and Harbor House to Executive Sous Chef at Lake Park Bistro. Espinosa also started Bartolotta’s catering operations on Wisconsin Pier and was Executive Chef of the Grain Exchange. More recently, Espinosa was at the helm of Stella Van Buren. During the pandemic, he toured the U.S. for White Lodging helping reopen Brush Creek Lodge in Saratoga, Wyoming and the Marriott in Downtown Austin.

Espinosa says he will spend his inaugural weeks getting used to the role and building on the foundations of former club boss Doug Leonhardt, who has served as the head chef for the past eight years.

“First of all, we’ll make sure we’re bringing out the best possible foundations,” he says. “From there we can see what the members like and how we can design the menu from there.”

Although the role prevents him from working in public restaurants, Espinosa says he looks forward to the new challenges that await him.

“They have done a great job looking after their people throughout the pandemic,” he says, “and I’m in a great position to make a difference and contribute to a great family organization. It’s a great next chapter for me and my family. ”


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