FlingGolf is the new way to play golf on golf courses in South Florida – WSVN 7News | Miami News, Weather, Sports

  FlingGolf is the new way to play golf on golf courses in South Florida - WSVN 7News |  Miami News, Weather, Sports

Do you enjoy spending the day on the green but find golf a little intimidating? We have a solution! A stick! The FlingStick! Let’s play!

Do you have a FlingStick?

No, not that, Lady Gaga. I mean that…

Inventor (on “Shark Tank”): “It’s called FlingGolf. It’s the cool, sporty alternative to golf. “

The inventors of this new sport shot up to “Shark Tank”.

Mark Cuban: “That’s the only thing that could get me on a golf course.”

And scored!

John Pruellage, Creator: “Sales have skyrocketed.”

And your pitch: It’s like golf …

Alex van Alen, creator: “You can play traditional golf at the same time.”

But easier!

Kenny Fill, Don Shula’s Golf Club: “It’s a club, a ball. You try to get it into the hole with as few strokes as possible.”


Adam Sandler (as Happy Gilmore): “Just let me put the ball in the hole.”

There are only a few basic movements.

Kenny Fill: “Take the FlingStick in both hands, step forward and just let go of it.”

Like lacrosse, and this next one …

Kenny Fill: “Take it back and take a baseball swing.”


Kenny Fill: “You align the flat side of the FlingStick and just let it go into the hole.”

Alex Miranda: “Aww, Kenny, what was that ?!”

Kenny Fill: “I wasn’t a hockey player.”

I’m not a golfer either.

Alex Miranda: “Can I do this here?”

Kenny Fill: “I’m getting out of the way.”

But you have to start somewhere.

Go on.

So I met some regulars at Don Shula’s Golf Club in Miami Lakes.

David: “That white flag!”

Alex Miranda: “The one over there?”

David: “The one! Yes!”

Alex Miranda: “With that? OK…”

But the best thing about Flinging …

Alex Miranda: “[It’s] 280 meters, let’s do this! Man, I did it again! “

This is how fast you can improve your game even if your friends are show-offs …

Alex Miranda (sarcastically): “Great recording. 280 meters, whatever, David. “

… the closer you get to the 18th hole!

But unlimited tries for the camera make perfect!

FlingSticks start at $ 90 for children and $ 120 for adults.



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