Genesis Tree Service explains how golf course tree maintenance can make more money

by | Aug 31, 2021 | Golf Courses

Genesis Tree Service recently published a blog post about how tree care can make more money on a golf course. The article suggests that tree care services are especially important to the proper maintenance of a golf course, as trees play an important role in providing a healthy ecosystem on the property. And a properly manicured golf course with sand bunkers, tea boxes, and cart paths, including healthy trees, tends to attract more players, which increases revenue.

Pedro Velasquez, Owner of Genesis Tree Service, says, “Certain aspects of golf require that the soil be kept in excellent condition. For example, it can be quite difficult for a golfer to land the ball on a fairway that is not well maintained. Similarly, a putting green that is not given proper attention can compromise player efforts and even safety. These need to be mowed tightly, which requires quite a bit of work. It is also important to check the grass for signs of stress, especially in high temperature, humidity, pest or freezing conditions. “

It is important to note that the best course of action in golf course maintenance is to ensure a careful balance between chemical and physical treatments. These best practices ensure that the best lawn yield is obtained while ensuring that costs are minimized while maintaining the healthy green state of the lawn through regular mowing. By establishing an appropriate general maintenance plan, combined with a reliable and efficient pest control plan, that will help golf courses of all sizes to have a healthy green golf course.

Golf course maintenance best practices have a number of components. These include: watering, chemical treatments, aeration, trimming, tree care. The right amount of watering is necessary to ensure that a golf course is attractive, healthy, and functional. Chemical treatments such as fungicides, herbicides and insecticides in sufficient quantities are also required. The right balance needs to be struck to ensure that these chemicals are powerful enough to do the job for which they were designed while minimizing their negative impact on the environment. Trimming the grass and repairing the divots are also important to keeping the grass green and healthy.

And tree care is also a necessary part of golf course maintenance, because trees provide shade for the grass and the players, especially in summer. Trees have many uses in a golf course. On the one hand, trees can be made available as habitats for birds and other animals. Dead branches can also serve a purpose in this regard. Of course, tree professionals should be consulted to ensure that the dead branches of the trees do not pose a threat to humans. Second, they can be used as frame trees as part of the aesthetic of the course. Third, trees can be used for their shade, especially in non-lawn areas such as restrooms, refreshment stands, outdoor dining areas, and clubhouses.

A fourth way to use trees on a golf course is related to the game itself. They can be used as direction and obstacle trees. They can be added to make a particular hole a unique challenge. And as direction trees, they can help the golfer line up a shot. Fifth, trees can be used to protect unsuspecting people from being hit by stray golf balls. Sixth, they can also be used as signature trees, symbolizing a particular course. Seventh, they can be used as privacy trees or as a cover for unwanted views that disrupt the beauty of a golf course. Eighth, trees can be used to identify doglegs or where a hole shifts from straight to curved. And finally, trees can be used as a backdrop for the greens.

In most cases, a tree professional is required to ensure that a tree is doing its job while not posing a threat to humans. Genesis Tree Service provides tree expert advice, pruning, and tree removal for golf courses.

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