Sand traps and water are common hazards on golf courses. But cows?

On Sunday, golfers on a golf course in Kelowna were slightly surprised to see a small herd of cattle make their home on a few holes at Mission Creek Golf Club.

One of Mission Creek’s owners, Debbie Welder, said her son ran the course Sunday morning and found six Longhorn cows on the property.

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“We pretty much had everything else but never cows,” Welder told Global News, adding that the course owners don’t know who they belong to.

Notably, Sunday was the last day of the season for Mission Creek. Welder said golfers had been told to be aware of the new four-legged dangers.

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“So far they haven’t threatened,” Welder said. “You seem to be quite comfortable here.”

In addition to hiking on the course, the cattle made themselves at home under the trees.

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Before the end of the course, Peter and Philip Mazur set out for a good father-son excursion.

“It was surprising,” said Peter Mazur when he saw cows on the track. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Philip Mazur said they were on the second hole, “and then all of a sudden the cows appeared.”

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When asked about the added dangers of cows and cowpies, Peter Mazur smiled and giggled, suggesting that golfers should be careful not to hit beef droppings.

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Another golfer, Gerri Kiy, also hit Mission Creek before it closed.

“There are some challenges this time of year,” Kiy said of golfing in mid-November.

“There are leaves, stagnant water in the fairways. And then of course the Longhorn cattle. “

Kiy said the cows “were friendly. I didn’t hit them and they didn’t impale me (with their horns). “

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Kiy said she saw deer along the way, maybe a bear, but never cattle.

“When I hit a ball near a ball, they started drifting in that direction,” Kiy said. “I thought they could steal my ball like some birds do, but no. They just went to the green side. “

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Meanwhile, Welder hopes someone will answer and say: “Yes, these are my cows”.

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