Golfers are annoyed by the “ridiculous” ban on toilets

by | Oct 1, 2021 | Golf Courses

Daniel Andrews has responded to outcry over a ban on toilet access in Victorian golf clubs. Image: Getty

Golfers in the Victoria area have grown angry afterwards new Covid-19 restrictions in the state banned the use of all indoor facilities in golf clubs, including toilets.

The Victorian government lifted a ban on recreational golf and tennis this week, a move welcomed by tens of thousands across the state.

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However, restrictive policies have banned access to all indoor areas of clubs, including toilets.

“Please note that the toilets at your facility must remain closed,” Golf Australia wrote in an email to members.

“This is different from previous advice on the matter and GA is urging the government on this point as we understand very well that this is a significant contribution.”

In response to the ban on toilets on 3AW radio, Royal Melbourne Golf Club captain Andrew Kirby said it was a “joke” and a “human rights violation”.

“I know the guys can do number one in the trees, but there are a lot of women playing,” he said.

“We’ve been through this opening and closing and opening so many times that you might think they’d understand a little better.

“To be honest, I think the problem I see is with over-microregulation.

“Golf courses have really done everything to accept Covid-Safe, the results are created in an app, you don’t touch anything, we are vaccinated, so we try to work with it and make it safer.

A golfer, pictured here putting on the Albert Park Golf Course in Melbourne.

A golfer is seen putting on the Albert Park Golf Course in Melbourne. (Photo by Asanka Ratnayake / Getty Images)

“Maybe there was wrong communication or something was misinterpreted, but we have staff there, we have a lot of women who play, we have people with illnesses – they have to use the toilets.

“It’s just a little disappointing to have the opening after yesterday’s excitement.”

Radio host Mark Allen tweeted, “Seriously, the toilet ban that @VicGovAu wants on Melbourne golf courses is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

“I assume that all toilets in our city’s parks will also be closed?”

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David Diaz, the pro at the Albert Park Golf Course, described the toilet ban as “pretty ridiculous”.

“I know some courses that have to lock their toilets. It’s just weird, ”he said Age.

“But we’re still happy to be out there and play.”

The Herald Sun’s Caleb Bond tweeted, “If the chaotic reopening of golf and tennis clubs in Victoria is an indication of how the rest of the state will open up, God help us all.”

Daniel Andrews addresses the riot over the toilet ban

Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews addressed the outcry on Thursday.

“This (public health) team is working as hard as possible,” he told reporters.

“These instructions are far more complex than they sometimes seem, but the good news is that a request has been made that is being followed up and hopefully a positive response will come soon.”

In a previous Victoria ban on golf and tennis, Andrews said “Recreational activities that require the use of a facility” would be banned.

“You can’t allow everything, you can’t agree to everything, we’ve essentially prioritized family time so people can connect with another family, another outdoor household,” he said.

“There is nothing I would like to do better than hit a golf ball, but that is not certain. However, it will be at some point in the future. “

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