How to unlock more clubs in Mario Golf Super Rush

How to unlock more clubs in Mario Golf Super Rush

Unlocking golf clubs and sets in Mario Golf Super Rush gives players more opportunities to outperform the competition. This is how you get more.

Mario Golf: Super Rush brings the sports spin-off back to the console for fans new and old. There is something for everyone in both classic and chaotic games like battle golf. Regardless of the game mode being played in, choosing the right golf club is always an integral part of the golf experience.

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There are tons of different types of golf clubs and club sets that players can unlock while playing Super Rush. Each of them changes the way the game is played, whether by adding unique effects to the swing, increasing the angle of fire, or changing the player’s stats. How much spin a golfer can put on his swing can affect whether the hole is a birdie or an eagle. This is how golfers can get their gloves on more clubs in Mario Golf: Super Rush.

Get more clubs and sets in Super Rush

Mario Golf's Motion Swinging turns the game into realistic Wii Golf

Pro shops

  • During Adventure Mode, players take their Mii to several golf courses and explore the local area. There isn’t much to do in these Overworlds other than speak to NPCs for a few lines of dialogue, but in these Overworlds you can buy more clubs for your Mii. Each location has a Pro Shop operated by several Toads or Koopas in Bowser’s Highlands who sell a variety of golf clubs for a fee. Completing practice areas and missions in Adventure Mode rewards players with coins that they can use as currency. So the more you hit, the more clubs you can add to your collection.

Talk to certain NPCs

  • The natural progression in Adventure Mode puts players in contact with a wide variety of characters. Some of them will give away clubs for free in certain circumstances, such as advancing the story or completing special missions. With this in mind, you should talk to every NPC; they may only have one club to hand out.

Earn character points

  • Outside of the main story, players can unlock new racket sets for the 16 main characters that appear in the game. The Star Set exchanges a character’s Control Stat Points for more Spin Stat Points, while the Super Star Set increases the exchange by a much larger amount. How much is swapped varies by character, with characters like Waluigi swapping a lot compared to others. In order to unlock these golf club sets for every golfer, players must increase that golfer’s character points. This resource, similar to experience points, increases every time a certain character participates in one of the game modes of Super Rush. It takes a long time to pull it up for all characters, so expect the most played golfers to get their new sets of clubs faster.

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Mario Golf: Super Rush is available for Nintendo Switch.

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