Mario Golf: Super Rush – 10 things to do after finishing the game

Mario Golf: Super Rush - 10 things to do after finishing the game

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The golf adventure mode in Mario Golf: Super Rush lasts around 4 to 5 hours and includes all medal wins and boss fights on five golf courses. It’s a fairly straightforward adventure that is a nice challenge overall, but also something that can only last a day or two.

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Because of this, those who enjoy the game may be disappointed with the length of the Adventure Mode and feel like there’s not much more to be achieved. Fortunately, there is plenty of Mario Golf content to take with you to ensure you get your time moving on the fairway.

Make some side challenges

Hammer Bro talks to a Mii in Mario Golf: Super Rush

Early on, players will speak to some Hammer Bros who will teach them the basics of golf. What the game doesn’t specifically point out is that this is available on almost every course in the game. These characters are in a side practice area for each course. In addition to the Hammer Bros, there are also Fire Bros that take over some of these tutorials and increase the level of difficulty to provide a real challenge for players. When you successfully complete a tutorial or challenge, you will earn player experience points that can be used to level up your Mii.

Repeat certain rounds

Mario Golf: Super Rush Mii and Pink Yoshi

The main reason to keep playing the game is to improve your previous performance. It is likely that the first successful completion of the XC Golf, for example, was not a perfect run. Fortunately, you can repeat these rounds in the game. When players go upstairs to the left of the two blue toads that stand together on each golf course, they can sign up for any of the previous rounds they have already completed. Of course, there isn’t much of a reward for beating a previous high score, but it will continue to add more experience points to your Mii.

Test your Mii against others

Mario Golf: Super Rush Mii competes against Mario and Wario

Players spend the entire Adventure Mode improving their Mii stats and getting used to how they play over time. So why leave that behind in Adventure Mode? There are many modes in which players can choose their Mii as part of the competition.

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The best thing you can do is play with other players who have leveled their Mii and see the avatars stack up in the game. If players have done a lot in Adventure Mode, there’s a good chance their Mii is more powerful than any other character in the game.

Give other characters a chance

Mario Golf: Super Rush Daisy, King Bob-omb, Luigi, Waluigi, Peach and Wario in Battle Golf

Speaking of spending a lot of time with the Mii character, those who exclusively played the Adventure mode missed trying out the 16 other characters currently available in the game. While there is a possibility that these characters are a downgrade from the Mii, this gives the player a chance to see who they would like to dominate in case there is a strict “no Miis” rule. Plus, each character has a completely different specialty shot that is worth experimenting with as they are each tailored to the character who is using them.

Experience regular golf

Mario Golf at Ridgerock Lake in Mario Golf: Super Rush

While the adventure mode approaches the game of golf from different approaches, it can be said that it does not offer players a real golf experience. Fortunately, players can do this if they regularly play golf, which is on the menu. Players can choose how many holes to shoot and, when others are playing, they all go at the same time or take turns. By exiting Adventure Mode, players would unlock all of the courses they need to access the entire game. These courses can also feel different than Adventure mode.

Play speed golf with friends

Mario, Wario, Rosalina and Yoshi in Mario Golf: Super Rush Speed ​​Golf

In addition to the regular golf mode, there is also the speed golf mode, which can be experienced with other real players or with computer players such as Golf Adventure. Players can choose two different approaches to the game. One is a points based system where the placement at the end of each hole decides how many points a person gets and wins the highest score at the end of the game. The other approach is that each person is measured for their round and the person with the fastest time wins the game.

Give battle golf a try

Waluigi in Battle Golf in Mario Golf: Super Rush

One of the rewards after exiting Adventure Mode is the opportunity to play as your Mii in Battle Golf. However, Battle Golf can be played with any character and is a very different game than Golf Adventure players are used to.

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The object of the game is to hit the golf ball in three of the nine available holes before someone else does. Options for the game include a strategic layout of the arena and a technical layout of the arena, depending on what type of shots the players want to try. There is also an option to toggle rush events on and off.

Challenge yourself in two solo modes

Mario plays golf alone in Mario Golf: Super Rush

One of the least discussed features in the game is the Solo Challenges, which can be accessed from the right side of the menu. There are two different types of challenges: Score Attack and Time Attack. Score Attack is very similar to a regular round of golf in that the main objective is to get the lowest score over 18 holes. Time Attack shifts the focus to where players need to complete the 18 holes in the shortest possible time, so the score is not that important. Players can then track how well they are doing in the Game Stats section of the menu.

Start other mario golf games

Cover image for Mario Golf: World Tour

Let’s say you’ve done all you can in Mario Golf: Super Rush. If players have the time and resources to do so, players can also try other Mario Golf games in the franchise after defeating the game. If you own a 3DS, you should try the predecessor Mario Golf: World Tour. The game doesn’t have an adventure mode, but it does have a lot more courses and online tournament games too. There are also four more entries in the franchise, including a couple with much deeper adventure modes.

Look forward to DLC


Mario Golf in New Donk City in Mario Golf: Super Rush DLC

Of course, the lack of other activities in Mario Golf: Super Rush can’t last very long. Nintendo announced during their last Direct that they were working on more DLC for the game, with an estimated release deadline of 2021. However, they have revealed that one of the courses they want to add is New Donk City, a level from Super Mario Odyssey. It’s unclear if DLC would include new characters as well, but it’s something to keep an eye on.

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