Par 3 indoor golf offers play on 108 courses | features

by | Dec 11, 2021 | Golf Courses

David Miller played a round of golf at Firestone Country Club in Akron, Ohio on Monday.

But he never left Owensboro.

Miller used a simulator at par 3 indoor golf, 527 Emory Drive, to play a round.

When it hit the ball, it ricocheted off a cinema screen, measuring the force of the strike, estimating the distance it would travel and indicating where it would have ended up on the court.

“The distances are pretty accurate,” said Miller. “It’s really tight. But you don’t get a feel for setting up a simulator. “

A storm the night before had messed up his day, he said, so he decided to go inside and try par 3 indoor golf.

Katie Dant, whose husband Troy Dant is one of the owners, ran the business that day.

“We’re open about a month,” she said. “Our opening is Saturday (December 11th) from 9.30am to 10pm. We have hot dogs and hamburgers, people can play for free, and raffles are held for door prizes. ”

Adam Blake, Brian Swihart, Aaron Coomes and Brandon Hawkins are the other owners.

Katie Dant said golfers can choose from 108 golf courses, including Pebble Beach and Torrey Pines.

There’s also a driving range simulator and “several fun games,” she said.

Dant said, “I had never played golf until they built this up. I love it. Maybe I would like to try it out on a real golf course when it gets warm. “

She said, “We’ve had people from Bowling Green, Madisonville, and Hancock Counties so far. And we bring flyers to the hotels for people who are on the go and want to practice. “

Dant said, “We have worked with a number of high school golf teams to do indoor winter training and we would like to have more college / high school golf teams. We also ran some golf scramble fundraisers for local sports teams. “

Par 3 tried real golf balls but they ricocheted all over the place, she said.

So the business switched to almost real golf balls made of hard foam, which cover about a third of the distance of a real ball.

Dant said par 3s can be rented for parties.

People who rent two bays receive a 10% discount.

All three bays are available to rent for $ 102 an hour during the week and for $ 127 an hour on the weekend.

“Four people per bay works best,” said Dant.

Par 3, she said, “is a place where people can practice in winter” to prepare for spring.