The golf course staff wear body cameras due to increasing vandalism

The golf course staff wear body cameras due to increasing vandalism

Staff at a golf course in Dundee wear body cameras due to the increase in vandalism and abuse in recent months.

Several clubs have reported anti-social behavior by local youth since the beginning of the pandemic, and One of the worst hit venues was the Caird Park Golf Course in Dundeewhich has seen numerous incidents this year, including recently an off-road park tearing open a green that will cost thousands of pounds to repair.

New damage to the Caird Park golf course in the last few days. Image from Facebook

Accordingly The courier, Venue staff were forced to take the extra measures after trying to discourage bikers from tearing up greens, which resulted in verbal abuse at staff.

Police and city guards have also said they have stepped up patrols on the golf course and installed more CCTV.

The introduction of the cameras was a success – Scotland Police said their recent introduction had already resulted in some of the alleged perpetrators being caught and charged.

The move takes place after increasing damage to the greens on the square in recent weeks from dirt bikes and other vehicles.

A police spokesman for Scotland said the measure would be taken following reports of reckless and dangerous behavior.

The spokesman said: “The illegal and unsocial use of off-road bikes, quads and uninsured cars continues to be a problem in various locations in Tayside due to the reckless behavior and dangerous actions of those who use them.

“There has recently been an escalation in motorcycle incidents in and around Caird Park in Dundee.

“Various parts of the Caird Park golf course, which was laid out over 100 years ago, have suffered extensive damage.

“The most recent significant damage was caused to the third green when off-road bikes cleared the ground and created deep ruts on the green.

“This put the green out of the game and the damage will cost thousands of pounds to repair.

“We have also received reports that ground staff and golfers were verbally abused when they spoke to those responsible.

Image from Twitter. Other clubs have used cameras this year to record similar anti-social behavior in their seats

“As a result, the course staff now wear body-worn cameras.

“The footage of this has already led to a number of perpetrators being identified.

“The footage has also been linked to similar incidents elsewhere in the city. Bicycles have been confiscated and criminals charged and reported, with investigations ongoing to identify and trace other people involved. “


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