The long-debated Thornburgh Resort, near Redmond, faces another public hearing as appeals continue

by | Nov 4, 2021 | Golf Courses

(Update: video added, comments from Deschutes County)

REDMOND, Oregon (KTVZ) – First proposed in the mid-2000s, Thornburgh Resort is facing another public hearing on Thursday evening regarding the target resort’s proposed 80 bed rooms.

Angie Brewer, senior planner for Deschutes County Community Development, says it’s hard to say how close the project is to the end.

“As it stands, there is an approved final master plan for the destination resort in place,” Brewer said on Wednesday.

She said the 1,970-acre travel destination, southwest of Cline Butte near Redmond, has other appeals and applications to process.

“Overnight accommodation units were conceptually approved in the master plan, but here too the necessary site planning permits for the actual structural development are available,” says Brewer.

The resort was originally proposed in 2005 to include 475 accommodation units and three golf courses, but has been criticized by some residents and organizations because of its water consumption and other problems.

“There have been a number of callings on very specific subjects and she has gone through multiple courts multiple times,” Brewer said.

Although construction vehicles were on site on Wednesday, Brewer said only one stage of the permit process has been completed.

“There will be more phases, but again, I don’t have these proposals and we haven’t received them yet,” Brewer said. “I wouldn’t expect it to happen before the end of the calendar year, let’s put it that way.”

The public hearing is an appeal alleging that the resort violates a new state and county resort law that requires 2.5 privately owned units for every unit night.

“This resort is unique in that its legal history is quite extensive,” said Brewer. “But for one proposal, there are several other resorts in Deschutes County that had similar proposals of a similar size.”

Appeal Nunzie Gould said she was encouraging the public to attend the hearing and contact the county with any questions.

Kameron DeLashmutt, the developer of the resort, has not commented on NewsChannel 21.

The public appeal hearing will take place on Thursday at 6 p.m. via Zoom. Documents can be viewed and downloaded here.