Tiger Woods is taking full swing on the golf course nine months after the crash

by | Nov 21, 2021 | Golf Courses

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@tigerwoods / Instagram

Tiger Woods has swung a golf club again … the legendary ball striker just posted a video of the incredible performance and he looks GOOD.

The 45-year-old – seriously injured his right leg in a car accident back in February – showed the footage on Sunday morning … and revealed that he is again allowed to swing his irons.

The clip shows Tiger hitting a ball with far less than 100 percent of its normal swing before impact … but the stroke is still clean and the ball still flew far.

It should be noted that Tiger’s divot pattern on the floor suggests that he made a ton of swings during the session … and it appears that he intended to take even more given the number of range balls left in his basket .

This is all an amazing sight for tiger and golf fans – especially when you consider what Woods looked like a few days ago when he walked into a hotel in Los Angeles.

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Tiger has been sighted sporty a noticeable limp … and many wondered how it was possible for him to swing a club again with his gentle movement.

Not a word about whether Tiger is still allowed to swing the driver or even play on real courses …