Twice Tate: Carlson calmly takes the second TR City Open title in a row | News, sports, jobs

  Twice Tate: Carlson calmly takes the second TR City Open title in a row |  News, sports, jobs

TR photo by NOAH ROHLFING – Tate Carlson, left, shakes hands with American Legion Memorial Golf Course Club pro Paul Ainley after winning the Times-Republican City Golf Tournament for the second straight year.

He did not hit every fairway or green properly. Half of his haircuts resulted in one-armed follow-throughs. He couldn’t putt on the first nine.

It didn’t matter – Tate Carlson stepped up to the second nine, shot a 68 in the final round at the American Legion Memorial Golf Course, and took back-to-back titles at the Times-Republican City Golf Tournament, the 34th annual edition of the event of four shots.

Carlson’s lap continued his pattern from the first lap of a slow start with an excitement at the finish. His calm demeanor throughout the round was carried over into his post-round interview, in which he emphasized how much fun the weekend had been.

“It feels good, I just came out and had fun and everything kind of worked out.” said Carlson. “I keep coming home and I really enjoy playing in this tournament.”

Carlson parried the first two holes of his round before bogeying hole three. He bounced straight back with a birdie on the fourth and parried after a bogey on hole six at 1-over-par 36 on the first nine. It gave him a slight lead over Grant Greazel and a four-beat lead over Chad Plaehn, the Legion’s instructor.

TR PHOTO BY NOAH ROHLFING – Chad Plaehn hits a challenging spot along the fourth fairway during the final round of Sunday’s City Golf Tournament at the American Legion Memorial Golf Course.

The lead fell to just one shot, but Greazel was never ahead of Carlson.

On the second nine, the defending champion’s putts began to fall. Birdies on 12, 14, 17 and 18 offset a bogey on hole 11 to give Carlson a back nine 32. His round was crowned by a near-ace on the last hole, which gave him a tap-in to seal the deal. He is the first consecutive City Open winner since Matt Steddom won four times in a row from 2004 to 2007.

Greazel looked frustrated on the second nine as the round began to take off from late, falling back to a one-over par and four shots. An eagle on hole 15 brought him back into play but he couldn’t continue a late attack and finished third with 68-73-141.

Plaehn’s Front Nine was stop-start, similar to the rest of the last group.

He said it was difficult to get momentum if no one in the group started playing really well.

TR PHOTO BY NOAH ROHLFING – Amber Henson putt for birdie on 15th

“I think we were all just waiting for that one putt to fall and one to go in.” said Plaehn. “I think it helps you wear yourself down when you have to catch the guy in front of you and we all just stagnated with nowhere to go.”

A long birdie putt on hole nine started his round, however, and with three birdies on his back he got himself into the race. A long birdie at 18 put him in the red for the tournament at 71-68-139 and finished second alone. Plaehn said he was happy with his performance, even though Carlson was one step ahead.

Carlson was a surprise winner in 2020, driving a 64 on the first lap, outperforming previous winners like Cole Davis and Sam Zoske. In 2021, with a title already in his pocket, he was again the class of the field – but this time it was no surprise.

• In the Super Senior Division, Tim Bell won the title on a cardback 78-81-159. It was Bell’s first league title at the City Open.

• Amber Henson had a record-breaking weekend at Elmwood and the Legion, breaking four records on the way to fourth straight win in the women’s class. Her results of 75 at Elmwood and 73 at American Legion set the women’s record on both courses, as did the total score of 148. Henson also set the records for overall wins (four) and straight wins (four), breaking records set of Terri Craft from 2001 to 2003.


In an added twist, Henson played both rounds with and against her 14-year-old sister Natalie, who made her debut and finished second at 81-82-163.

Henson described the new experience of competing with the family at the tournament level.

“[Natalie] really drives me, it arouses a lot of emotions in me. “ said Henson. “I really don’t like losing with her. We are a really competitive household and it drives me and I think that is one of the reasons why I have done better than in the past. “

Both Hensons will be part of the Marshalltown High School girls’ golf team next spring.

34th Annual Times Republican City Golf Tournament


Final results

Women’s department

Amber Henson-75-73-148

Natalie Henson-81-82-163

Leah Stahlin 87-91-178

Norah Wilson-89-82-181

Super senior division

Championship flight

Tim Bell 78-81-159

Dennis Olson-83-77-160

Denny Gould-81-81-162

Tom Fleming 78-87-165

David Mitchell-79-86-165

Mike Ward-83-84-167

Ore Allison-81-87-168

Tom Apgar-83-85-168

Steve Dunham 102-88-190

First flight

John Detrich-85-80-165

Mike Anderson-84-84-168

Jon McKeever 85-83-168

Jim Carlson-85-84-169

Ken Severson-87-85-172

Steve Knickerbocker-86-87-173

Steve Dunham 102-88-190

Jim Kelehan 112-118-230

Open department

Championship flight

Tate Carlson 67-68-135

Chad Plaehn-71-68-139

Grant Greazel-68-71-141

Jarred Carlson-73-72-145

Cole Davis-74-72-146

JD Pollard-75-74-149

Taylor Wilson-72-80-152

Sam Weatherman-75-77-152

Paul Collins-76-79-155

Colin Schmit-75-81-156

Todd Weaver 78-78-156

Brandon Dutton-81-76-157

Tom Weis-75-83-158

Clint Schneider-77-81-158

Brayden Fahrni 81-78-159

Drake Polley 78-81-159

Therein Shipley-81-82-163

First flight

Aaron Fleming-83-75-158

Chad Wehr-83-75-158

Ryan Schmit 82-81-163

Pat Hala-87-77-164

Zach Underhill 84-80-164

Jeff Tice-87-80-167

Curt Hoff-84-83-167

Mark Clouds-82-86-168

Bernie Johnston-87-80-167

Jim Hunt 85-83-168

David Eichhorn-84-85-169

Andy Chau 87-83-170

Dex Walker 84-87-171

Ben Snyder 87-85-172

Jon Vance-83-91-174

Second flight

Kent Carson-88-79-167

Kirt Daniels-90-77-167

Owen Chaloupek-88-82-170

Trent Wages 88-83-171

John Haney-88-84-172

Ron Davis 89-84-173

Donny Weeks 89-84-173

Dave Benz 90-85-175

Chuck Misek-90-87-177

Zach Stahlin-88-93-181

Justin Sorensen-88-93-181

Dao Sorlaesith-90-92-182

Bach standard 90-96-186

Third flight

Mike Younkin-92-77-169

Bret Ferneau 91-79-170

Darren Bare-92-78-170

Then Baccam-93-79-172

Tyler Faltys-92-80-172

Kenneth Logsdon 91-81-172

Matt Yates 91-83-174

Lukas Sponsler-92-82-174

Alec Gansemer-91-88-179

Kim Ruddick 91-91-182

Rob Weatherly-92-90-182

Aaron Cooper 91-92-183

Trent Potter 93-93-186

Theron Schütte-93-102-195

Fourth flight

Joel Chandler 95-74-169

Brian Ferneau 96-80-176

Austin Ruddick-96-81-177

Steve Ruddick 95-82-177

Get Sandvick-95-84-179

Bryan Herschberger-95-84-179

Seth Heinrichs-94-88-182

Jacob Theissen-94-89-183

Andy Chate 95-89-184

Shawn Morris 96-88-184

Hunter Polley-94-93-187

Eli Polley 96-92-188

David Engel 97-91-188

Chris Blanchard 95-95-190

Blake McIlef 97-95-192

Todd Bolar-97-WD

Fifth flight

Will Shipley-99-84-183

Kreighton Miller-102-83-185

Zack Johnson-100-87-187

Brecken Payne 99-90-189

Jake Sponsler 98-92-190

Andrew Neuroth 98-93-191

Ray Halverson 98-95-193

Steve Dunham 102-88-190

Grant Brintnall 99-95-194

Matt Hannam-99-96-195

Matt Wagner-104-97-201

Alonzo Ceren-102-103-205

John Casey-106-99-205

James Hogan 115-107-222

Sean Raymond-120-105-225

Jim Bowie-98-WD

Brian Wilkie-103-WD

Brad Kadner-106-WD

TR PHOTO BY NOAH ROHLFING – Amber Henson makes her putt for birdie on the 15th TR PHOTO BY NOAH ROHLFING – Tate Carlson, left, shakes hands with American Legion Memorial Golf Course Club professional Paul Ainley after finishing the Times – Republican City Golf Tournament has won for the second year in a row. TR PHOTO BY NOAH ROHLFING

TR PHOTO BY NOAH ROHLFING TR PHOTO BY NOAH ROHLFING – Chad Plaehn hits a challenging spot on the fourth fairway during the final round of Sunday’s City Golf Tournament at the American Legion Memorial Golf Course.

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