Westfield pro takes home award | golf

  Westfield pro takes home award |  golf

For most of his round at the Mad Anthony’s Pro-Am at the Fort Wayne Country Club on Monday, Mike Asbell enjoyed the experience with the four amateurs in his group. He gave a few tips and enjoyed the good-natured romp between the golfers.

But with a few holes to go, the 34-year-old Westfield PGA pro checked the rankings and found he was among the leaders, with $ 5,000 in prize money for the top pro.

“I have to say: ‘Hey guys, I’m at the top and have to switch to serious mode. I may not talk as much on the next couple of holes, ”said Asbell, who played golf in Manchester. “And they understood that, that was really great. It was like, ‘We’re going to avoid you, you have a job to do.’ It is good to have this support. “

Asbell won first place with a 5-under 66. His group, which included amateurs Drew Keesbury, Jim Van Etten, Jim Deraney and JT Croy, finished fourth overall with a total of 224.

Craig Isabel, a pro at Stonehenge Golf Course in Winona Lake, took second place for $ 4,000 for the 67 shooting, and Fort Wayne Country Club pro Chad Ayres took third place with a 69.

The golf tournament, which is a fundraiser for Mad Anthonys Children’s Hope House and the Chick Evans Scholarship Fund, was canceled last year due to the coronavirus pandemic. The tournament is usually held in conjunction with the Red Coat Gala, but this year’s dinner has been postponed to September.

That year the tournament reverted to its original Pro-Am format, reminiscent of the earlier days of the event when golf legends clashed with Fort Wayne amateurs.

“They love it,” said Quinn Griffing, chairman of Mad Anthony’s Pro-Am committee and coach at Apex Golf Lab, of the amateur participants’ response. “It may be a little early to get feedback, but I know the pros really like this because they play at charity events. “Mad Anthonys has a long history of 64 years so these guys know about it. I think we will continue this trend. “

Griffing said the hope is to move the tournament to other local courses, although a date has not yet been set for 2022.

The amateurs Keith Busse, Russ Rinn, McCormick Clouser and Drew Imel, who played with Pro Jon Hoover, won first place with a total of 214 gross points.

A team of amateurs affiliated with the Glenbrook Automotive Group, which included Doug and Matt McKibben, Paul Webb and Ryan Campbell, played with Ayres and took the first net score with an overall rating of 195.

“I wasn’t so sure about my golf game, but the weather, it was a bit hot, but it was beautiful. It didn’t rain so we were very happy, ”said Matt McKibben. “And then in the end we won! We had a couple of good holes and it went well. “



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