Finland’s Bluet offers innovative floating solutions

by | Sep 26, 2021 | Golf Resorts

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If you ever visit Helsinki in Finland and ask a local what to see, they will likely mention the cathedral, old island fortress, and Allas Sea Pool. Allas Sea Pool, a floating sea bath, has quickly become one of the most popular destinations in the Finnish capital for residents and tourists. It was developed by Bluet, a Finnish company specializing in waterfront development with floating solutions.

“The development on the water does not have to stop at the coast. You can go to the water across the land line, ”says Tytti Sirola, co-founder and CEO of Bluet.

Bluet designs and implements floating solutions that enhance bank areas. They work with real estate developers, cities, construction companies and the operators of services such as restaurants, marinas and spas. Their hybrid solutions are not simply traditional waterfront developments or floating buildings. Instead, they open up a new world of possibilities that are not available with either option alone.

Save money, time and the environment

The waterfront is one of the most desirable properties in any city, but its development can be problematic. Waterfront properties are limited unless you want to get involved in the expensive, tedious, and invasive work of land reclamation. Bluet’s solution is simple: expand from the shore to the water. The floating construction offers new opportunities for waterfront development.

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“The benefits of floating construction are improved sustainability, versatility and profitability,” continues Sirola. “Floating solutions can be much more environmentally friendly than land reclamation. Floating solutions can also be temporary. For example, you could use a floating platform for a seasonal restaurant or even a temporary construction site. “

Construction can be a particular challenge within the narrow confines of a developed waterfront. In Sweden, Bluet was involved in a project to renovate an old residential area. The problem for the builders was the lack of space for the construction site services. Bluet designed floating platforms so the construction company could establish a base of operations. Upon completion of the project, the floating foundations will be converted into swimming pools.

Another added benefit is that floating adds to the experience. People don’t recommend Allas Sea Pool because there are no other spas or saunas in Helsinki; They recommend it because it offers a fantastic experience on the Baltic Sea with unparalleled views of the city center.

Everything floats

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Swimming pools and spas are very popular. Bluet has developed swimming pools across Europe and also cooperates with the ingenious Panko concept. Panko combines Scandinavian design, wood construction, sustainable solutions, sauna and Nordic aromas into one experience. Panko’s luxury products are used in high-end hotels, marinas, golf resorts and other establishments. Bluet works with Panko to take care of waterfront development, technical solutions, construction and project implementation.

There are many other options for floating solutions including recreational and commercial areas. Floating concert stages can give beachgoers a memorable evening, or a location with limited parking might even have floating car parking spaces. Bluet even created a floating seal habitat for a zoo that includes trees, rocks, and a pool. The zoo was on a small island and didn’t have space for the new exhibition, so Bluet created a floating habitat.

“Housing projects are also popular because people love to live right by the sea,” says Sirola. “We are currently working on a major project that will be the largest floating residential area in Scandinavia. It comprises 40 buildings and all the necessary infrastructure such as roads and bridges. “

Creative as well as scientific

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Many projects require a custom and bespoke solution, but Bluet found that many of their customers needed certain products that were either extremely expensive or simply didn’t exist. To solve this challenge, Bluet has developed its own products in the categories of floating infrastructure, pools and multiuse platforms. They are modular, scalable, and customized for specific projects to accommodate local permits and site requirements.

The floating infrastructure includes pontoons, anchorages, engineering connections and various types of foundations. Pool products include heated pools and the popular natural water pools, which can be bottomless or mesh pools. If the water quality in the area is not sufficient, Bluet can also supply a filter system. Bluet’s modular floating platform can be easily combined with others to form a variety of shapes and sizes.

“I see Bluet as a ‘realizer’ in that we make visions feasible,” says Sirola. “We not only create ideas for the distant future, we are also not just an engineering office. We are both creative and scientific. If a customer wants something that is not possible in their budget, we tell them. When we come to a solution, we implement it. We make it possible.”

One stop shop

Bluet believes in a full service process, including pre-planning, pre-construction, delivery and lifecycle services. They help clients with concept and feasibility to realize their vision of the project. In prefabrication, Bluet works on all the millions of details about sizes, materials, technology, transport and assembly. Upon delivery, they manufacture, deliver and test the product. Once the project is up and running, Bluet won’t go away; They can offer lifelong services like maintenance and inspections. You can lead the entire project through each phase, but the flexible working model also allows you to only work on certain tasks.

“We practically join the customer’s team,” explains Sirola. “We are part of the local team and work together with the local general contractor and the customer’s own project team. It works very well. Together we can create the perfect floating solution for your needs. “

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