May 20, 2022
Good Walk Coffee grows beyond the fairway

A trio of golfers enjoying Good Walk Coffee’s cold brew

Good walk coffee

Not too many cans of cold brew come with instructions. However, before you open the pull tab on a Good Walk Coffee for best results, wiggle the can first. It turns out that Java, designed to fire eighteen holes of golf, would be enhanced by having a consistent pre-shot routine.

“Our cans have a nitro infusion. A little shaking or wiggling before opening it creates additional body and a bit of head, like with a beer, ”explains company founder Chris Mellow.

Based on the peaceful and leisurely relationship between a cup of joe and a golfer preparing for a dew-moistened early morning tee time, the up and coming coffee brand has been in business for three years. They initially started selling drip grind, whole bean roasts, and K-cup pods online before expanding into retail and hospitality channels to offer in-room coffee to golf resorts.

Good Walk’s ready-to-drink Nitro Cold Brew in a can didn’t hit the market until August. While sales are currently regional, with a growing presence in private clubs and golf bastions in the Carolinas such as Pinehurst, sales are starting nationally with additional canning capacity going online in San Diego and Indiana. The company expects to reach 500 supplier accounts by the end of 2022.

“Cold brew is the fastest growing new product in the coffee industry as a whole, especially the ready-to-drink cans. It works so well for us because golfers can grab one in the restaurant or at the snack bar on the turn and toss one in the cart, ”says Mellow.

“We always knew it would be popular if we could put our cold brew and liquid in a can, and that has been the case so far.”

While Mellow launched Good Walk in the fall of 2019 primarily because he loved sipping beans and whipping greens, and the business enabled him to combine his two greatest passions, the lifestyle brand he was from took inspiration from Black Rifle Coffee. He followed the rise of the veteran-owned direct-to-consumer brand with a growing brick-and-mortar footprint aiming to become the next Starbucks, but with the right street belief of Chick-fil-A. Mellow would be dizzy if Good Walk could replicate the success of the company’s second change-backing company, which is slated to go public when a $ 1.7 billion SpaC deal is made with SilverBox Engaged Merger Corp.

Golfer holds his coffee nearby

Good walk coffee

In addition to expanding its existing verticals, Good Walk Coffee intends to enter the national retail market by the end of 2022. Realizing that a golf-themed brand may have limited space on supermarket shelves, they are targeting non-traditional coffee sellers like Dick’s Sporting and PGA Tour Superstore.

“Black Rifle was really smart about selling in Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s and getting coffee to their target audience without having to compete in the grocery store. So there are similar angles of distribution for us, ”says Mellow.

While SPAC’s interest in Good Walk Coffee is unlikely in the short term, the company predicts it can grow its sales to $ 80 million to $ 100 million within the next two years. At the moment they are still under the radar, but if they do what they predict they could become an attractive target for private equity or a bigger rival.

“Old coffee brands are always on the lookout for growth and don’t see it with some of their historical brands. You have to find companies that are innovating in new markets, and we’d look pretty attractive if it came to finding that growth, ”says Mellow.

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