John Deere mowers excel at The K Club

John Deere mowers excel at The K Club

One of Ireland’s premier golf resorts has received two new John Deere 9009A TerrainCut rotary mowers to help keep its golf courses in pristine condition. The famous 5-star K Club golf resort in Kildare, just half an hour’s drive from Dublin, hosted the Ryder Cup in 2006 and the Irish Open and 13 European Opens in 2016.

K Club Resort Superintendent Gerry Byrne (left) with Deputy Jamie Robson and the new John Deere 9009A TerrainCut rotary mowers.

When the need for new roughers arose at the resort, the Greens staff did a thorough research into what each brand had to offer. In the end, the top cutting quality and reliability of the John Deere models outperformed the competition and two 9009A mowers were ordered from local golf and lawn dealer Dublin Grass Machinery.

Powered by a 55 horsepower engine, the John Deere 9009A is a 27-inch, 27-inch, self-contained 5-speed rotary mower that offers the all-day productivity needed for the rough mowing of golf courses is required.

Gerry Byrne has been Resort Superintendent at The K Club for 24 years and is very pleased with the performance of the machines. “We recently purchased the two new John Deere rotary mowers because we wanted to improve the overall appearance of the rough areas on both the Palmer North and Palmer South courses,” he says. “We did extensive research on all major brands and decided that the 9009A best suited our needs.

“I’ve used John Deere mowers in the past, but not recently, only the company’s tractors. It was good to get back in touch with Dublin Grass Machinery as I have known Stan Mitchell and the dealer team since my training many years ago.

“We have already operated other brands of coarse mowers here, and they did the entire course maintenance well. However, we felt that the more versatile John Deere 9009A mowers would give us better quality of cut. Not only do both mowers offer a premium, precisely cut, but most importantly, they are also capable of dealing with our intricate dune hills, especially in the sensitive areas of the courses. I find them very competent and easy to use, “he adds.

Most of the maintenance and upkeep of the machines at The K Club is done by the resort’s mechanics. A good spare parts and backup service from Dublin Grass Machinery was another factor influencing the purchase decision for Gerry Byrne and the Greenkeeping team.

“Our mechanic Pat Freany has been with us for over 25 years,” he says. “Pat carries out all service and repair work and has a very good working relationship with the dealer. The fast delivery time for parts delivery and service kits is a unique selling point for John Deere, which Pat values ​​very much.”

As for future investments in new machines at The K Club, Gerry Byrne is confident that John Deere will be back. “The K Club has significant investment plans for the entire property and John Deere mowers will certainly be part of our ongoing strategy to improve general standards of presentation for our members and guests.”


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