Popular Michigan Golf Resort embraces the technological future of the game

Popular Michigan Golf Resort embraces the technological future of the game

Boyne’s new Trackman range is already a hit with golfers.

Scott Kramer

It’s a warm evening in northern Michigan in late June. Since it stays light until after 10:00 PM in this exclusive area of ​​Harbor Springs, there are still scattered golfers at the Hills and Ross golf courses at Boyne Highlands Resort. But next to the clubhouse, the popular resort’s new high-tech practice area is packed full. The Trackman Range at Boyne’s Ross Golf Center Opened May. What’s special about this is that while many golf resorts across America have added short par-3 layouts and expansive putting courses to offer new options, Boyne has transformed his existing course into something much more.

“That’s great.” “Who needs a real course when I can do it.” “I could be here all day and I won’t get bored.” “I want a membership. Now. “Those were just a few of the comments I heard during my lesson on the 30-bay Trackman Range. The setup allows golfers of all skill levels to practice distance control, stroke shaping and more by doing tour-proven swing, ball flight tracking, analysis and Entertainment technology. Using the free TrackMan Range app, you can instantly access your carrying length, overall length, ball speed, flight path height, take-off angle, take-off direction and more with every swing. Or you can upgrade to take real shots at physical targets while you can virtually play world famous courses on your Apple or Android tablet or phone screen. You can even play fast, fun and challenging games like BullsEye, Hit It and Capture the Flag – either alone or with your friends. It’s easy to use. And incredibly addicting.

“We believe there are three audiences with the Trackman range,” said Ken Griffin, director of golf sales and marketing at Boyne Golf. “You will be a golfer who really likes statistics, wants to see their swing data and want to play on over 100 courses from around the world. They want to improve their swing. Then there are the families who just want to come out and enjoy it. They have smaller children that they would like to bring into play. This makes it easy for them to do this and have fun as a family. And then there is the third group, the sociable golfers here for golf entertainment. There are now establishments where golf is just the attractor, the social part, it’s more about being with friends and how do I spend an hour or two with friends having the chance to enjoy cocktails and food. And we’re trying to win all of these groups, whether you hit 250 yards and have a long drive competition, or just trying to hit a target, or you hit 20 yards but beat your family friend, he’ll beat it at 15 because none of you have ever done this before. We just want everyone to have fun playing golf. A golf course doesn’t have to be about practicing, but about having fun. And with our range you determine what fun you want to have. “

Griffin points out that the closest Trackman circuit is in southern Michigan. “This area in the north will never be big enough to have a year-round population base that a golf entertainment center can support, but in the summer we want our guests and everyone in the area to have just that much Fun on a course as if you had to go to a big city experience. “

That evening, Boynes Golf Director Josh Richter walks up and down the range, helping guests set up the app and answering any questions. He is quick to point out that the experience offers another golf option for aspiring players in a non-intimidating setting. “You can even play our own Boyne courses with virtually no pressure or spectator, and have fun as you learn and improve,” he says. “It takes the range experience to a completely different level.” Indeed. That should be golf.

A Season Pass for the Range is $ 600, an unlimited day pass is $ 100, and a 60-ball bucket pass is $ 25. This gives you access to the virtual courses and other functions. The bays connected here are available on a first come, first served basis, but large groups can reserve them. From what I’ve seen, golfers better show up early. Make no mistake about it: this mature version of golf is the future that is quickly to come. And it turns an already great game into something even better.

Just put your phone on this pedestal and hit it off.

Scott Kramer


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