Qualifying school graduation, the new era

Qualifying School Final Stage, the new era

The European Tour Qualifying School venue, formerly known as Lumine, officially opened a new chapter in its history with the birth of Infinitum. The resort is widely recognized as one of Europe’s most sought-after lifestyle and leisure experiences with world-class golf, modern dining, off-course activities and a modern beach club with state-of-the-art facilities including eight swimming pools, a tapas bar and one of the best restaurants on the Costa Daurada.

European Tour Qualifying School, Final Stage

Infinitum is home to three outstanding golf courses, each with its own design and layout. The award-winning facilities, which have been named “Europe’s Best Golf Fort” for two consecutive years, host the Final Stage of the European Tour Qualifying School and offer undeniable conditions on the hilly fairways and undulating greens.

Each course, complemented by a sea view of the Mediterranean Sea, challenges the advanced golfer or novice with strategic natural and man-made hazards. The resort is just ten minutes from Tarragona and has direct access to the beach with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Surrounded by pine forests and olive fields, Infinitum sits amid one of the region’s most important ecosystems: the Sequia Major, a wetland of reeds, poplars and willows that meanders around the lakes and is home to one of the best preserved populations in Catalonia of European Galapagos and Farrows -Fishing, one of the most endangered species on the Iberian Peninsula.

Immersed in the natural landscape, the Infinitum Beach Club offers a unique experience with spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea, a calm and peaceful setting to spend an hour or a day. Located 30 meters above the sea, surrounded by spectacular pine trees, this is one of the most beautiful beach experiences in Europe.

Infinitum also comes with a new premium catering offer; four high quality choices – Flamma, Gusto, The Lakehouse and Terra – all offer a serene environment with excellent service and showcase the best fresh local produce expertly developed by top chefs.

Flamma, the first-class gastronomic offer at Infinitum Beach Club, offers informal plates to share with fresh and local produce as the centerpiece of every dish; Gusto, the home of Mediterranean tapas, a more casual alternative in the Beach Club; The Lakehouse, an ideal place for golfers and non-golfers alike, to sample healthy and traditional dishes with views of the golf courses from a panoramic terrace, while Terra, a brand new gourmet shop to open in the fall, offers a selection of local, high quality products , fresh and incorruptible.

Infinitum is one of the most sustainable golf resorts in Europe and does everything to protect nature and its surroundings. The resort has set itself the goal of pioneering sustainable practices for golf clubs in Europe with numerous awards and accolades, including the GEO certification for the second time.

Sequences of olive trees, natural waters, historic ruins and protected species are all an integral part of the unique experience at the resort. While the resort has developed an ‘Eco-First’ strategy, the Lakes Golf Course is recognized for its conservation work as a Certified Golf Audubon International Signature Sanctuary.

Agustin Garcia Pascual, Chief Business Officer – Infinitum, said: “Today is an exciting day in our history. Infinitum brings a whole new lifestyle and experience and becomes a leading name in Europe. We are excited to begin this journey and create an experience for guests that is second to none.

With world class food, drink and services it creates a new lifestyle that you aspire to while the golf courses continue to be considered two of the best in Europe and host some of the best golfing events for professionals and amateurs alike.

“Over the next few years, we aim to make Infinitum the preferred travel destination for Europe’s leading golfers, a destination that offers a peaceful and relaxing environment that plays an important role in the positive wellbeing of our members and guests.”


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