Singaporeans are ready to resume travel

by | Nov 4, 2021 | Golf Resorts

SINGAPORE, November 4, 2021: The end of the holiday season is just around the corner and with high vaccination rates and Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTL), Singaporeans are hungry to travel again.

A new study by Tripadvisor shows that Singaporeans are hopeful, cautious and excited about traveling again.

Tripadvisor on Wednesday released results from its Seasonal Travel Index for the end of the holiday season, revealing travel trends and giving Singaporeans an insight into the most popular, trending and bookable ones for the coming months.

This season’s index shows that travel is making a comeback every day. Almost three-quarters (72%) of Singaporean travelers in a recent Tripadvisor survey have already started researching their year-end vacations.

With the available VTLs, Singaporeans are no longer satisfied with local travel. It seems that true vacation travel is back in vogue. Almost half (48%) of Singaporeans plan to travel internationally, while 44% want to stay locally.

The mindset of vengeance travel combined with a longing to see something other than daily work from home will result in more Singaporeans wanting to spend more time outdoors. In the survey, the most popular modes of travel for Singaporeans were the beach (50%) and the outdoors (47%). The least popular were golf resorts (11%) and ski areas (13%).

Interesting travel trends that we are watching:

  • Singaporeans travel with their stomach – The top three factors when choosing a vacation destination are COVID-19 safety regulations (57%), COVID-19 case rates at the destination (47%) and food (37%).
  • The most popular travel dates take place on December 3, December 24 and December 31, around the school summer holidays and the festive season.
  • Singaporeans are looking for a different perspective. The most popular types of accommodation are resorts and boutique hotels.
  • Singaporeans spend SGD 1014 on average on their year-end trip
  • The further the better. Some of the most popular international trips that Singaporeans want to book after the borders open include London, Munich, Amsterdam and San Francisco.

Top 10 hottest travel destinations (based on year-over-year growth):

  1. London
  2. Seoul
  3. Paris
  4. Munich
  5. Amsterdam
  6. New York City
  7. Frankfurt
  8. Barcelona
  9. Berlin
  10. San Francisco

The data cited in this press release was collected and analyzed from two key sources:

  • Between October 5, 2021 and October 14, 2021, 8 countries (USA, UK, Australia, Japan, Italy, Singapore, Germany, India.)
  • Website behavioral data derived from first-party traffic data on the Tripadvisor platform, collected in the week beginning October 18, 2021 for searches made by SG travelers from September 1, 2021 to October 15, 2021 for travel between October 1, 2021 November 2021 and January 31, 2022.