Take a look at this

Take a look at this

Costa Rica offers some of the most beautiful golf resorts in the world. For those taking the trip, these three golf courses are your best bet. Check these out and you will get the most bang for your buck.

Four Seasons Resort Papagayo Peninsula

This is located in the Nasacola Forest on the northwest Pacific coast of Costa Rica. The Peninsula Papagayo Resort is the central location to one of the most beautiful golf courses in Central America. You can find many casinos where you can play Caesars Sportsbook, among others. All in all, this has everything the standard golfer could wish for.

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The layout for this course is carved through a densely forested terrain with a rugged landscape based on the design of Arnold Palmer. There are some hard holes where small pools of water can come into play, as well as creeks that cross the fairways in front of the greens. “El Bajo” is a 438 yard hold on No. 6 and is considered the signature hole. It has an elevated tee position that offers a stoic view of the waters of Bahia de Culebra. Great golf and breathtaking views come from this resort. What more could you ask?

Conchal reserve

After four years of construction, this resort was opened in 1996. It features an 18 fairway Robert Trent Jones Jr. layout without cutting a single banyan tree. There were small lakes and lagoons that were built to filter the runoff from the course and have the water recycled. The course has two nine holes that eventually get into the rainforest vegetation before heading back to the Pacific coast.

The course has its signature hole # 17 which is a 212 yard descent that includes an all-or-nothing carry to a boardwalk and a three-tier green. It could be the doom of all of your golf balls if not played properly.

Hacienda Pinilla

Golf is one of the most profitable sports in the world on and off the green. Competitive intrigue aside, there are many who believe that golf can serve as a mental path to relaxation. This resort can serve as a therapeutic measure during your visit.

By doing Nicoya Peninsula, there are tropical forest and wildlife sanctuaries with fairways in a huge housing estate. Former Atlanta developer and owner Pat Pattillo built the place in the late 1990s. He created the hotels through the Matapalo trees in two different 9-hole racetracks.

One of the main features of this course is the sleeping bunkers where golfers expect to drop a shot if they land here due to the extremely heavy sand. “Hilltop” is considered the strategic hole of the course as it offers the opportunity to lay the fairway bunkers and then play the long iron to an elevated green guaranteed by sand. On the second nine there is a hold called the “Seamist” where you can see thick vegetation leading to the Pacific Ocean.

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