These Arizona hotels are redefining wellness

These Arizona hotels are redefining wellness

After more than a year without traveling, many of us need a fresh approach to vacation. Thanks to the pandemic, which has created new stressors such as longer working days at home and a patchwork of travel restrictions caused by coronaviruses, the days of jet settings and city hopping are over. The need for a comfortable travel home base that offers more than just the opportunity to relax is growing.

Spa hotels that opened or recalibrated their programs during the pandemic saw the writing on the wall, including Arizona’s resort enclaves. The classic spa and golf resorts of yesteryear are changing over time, not only to prioritize a newfound enthusiasm for outdoor adventure among Americans, but also ultra-trendy wellness programs aimed at providing mindfulness to guests. and to teach meditation tools that enable the relaxation of a really great vacation at home with you, from meditation sessions for beginners to chakra balancing crystal therapy.

The via ferrata at Castle Hot Springs

Castle Hot Springs Resort

Remember to tackle a via ferrata and swaying footbridge before breakfast, relax in a mineral-rich natural hot spring for lunch, and begin a mindfulness session with a meditation instructor in the afternoon. This is exactly what the new “deliberate wellness menu” at the sophisticated Castle Hot Springs Resort aims to achieve alongside its extensive program of outdoor activities in the remote Bradshaw Mountains, an hour from Phoenix. An oasis in the Sonoran Desert with natural springs and dramatic peaks, the property was once used by the Vanderbilts and Rockefellers in the early 20th century. In January 2020, it reopened after decades of closure and a complete renovation. Castle’s long-standing trails are private to resort guests, including a famous hike to nearby Salvation Peak, where a flagpole was erected by World War II soldiers – including then-future President John F. Kennedy – who were recovering from battle wounds on site 1940s. The main attraction, however, are the three geothermal thermal pools on the premises.

While there are still the standard spa treatments and 18-hole golf courses, Castle Hot Springs is also putting a new focus on mental relaxation due to the widespread impact of the pandemic, which is ongoing. The all-inclusive’s new wellness menu offers beginner-friendly mind and body sessions, from yoga and tai chi to meditative breathing exercises, sound therapy, mantra courses, astrology readings and guided meditation walks to soothe your mind in the silent desert center.

The program is led by yoga and wellness writer Colleen Inman, who works one-on-one with guests. The goal is to give visitors the opportunity to “take a regular inner vacation or retreat for daily nourishment and ongoing healing,” says Inman. “Our program brings the real purpose of a healing vacation [to the] in the foreground of the mind. It is said that you cannot have a vacation from you. You take yourself everywhere. ”


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