Trump’s New York Golf Club Under Criminal Investigation for Possible Tax Evasion: Report

by | Oct 21, 2021 | Golf Resorts

The beleaguered Trump organization, already charged with criminal conspiracy, faces a new investigation: this time it is focused on one of the company’s New York golf courses.

Former President Donald Trump’s sprawling business empire has already been charged with alleged tax evasion on millions of employee benefits in Manhattan – and is now facing new allegations that it has misled local Westchester County officials about the value of its golf club to reduce his tax liability, according to The New York Times.

Both Trump National Golf Club Westchester and the nearby town of Ossining have filed subpoenas from the county prosecutor’s office. The paper admitted that it failed to determine the full scope of the investigation, despite speaking to several people who confirmed that Westchester DA Mimi E. Rocah is investigating the company’s tax practices and valuation.

The New York Times also reported that the Trump organization’s repeated challenges to property valuations at their Westchester golf club have sparked an outcry among locals. “In 2017 demonstrators marched from the city to the club and chanted “Pay your share.” That year, appraisers put the property at $ 15 million, while attorneys for the club cited their own estimate that the club was worth less than a tenth that amount – just $ 1.4 million. Trump himself stated that the property was valued at more than $ 50 million on a financial disclosure form earlier this year.

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Rocah, a Democrat, has been a critic of Trump in the past, telling the Westchester Journal News in 2019 that “We have a criminal in the White House” during a discussion on Trump’s handling of Ukraine and his possible impeachment.

On Wednesday, the Trump Organization released a statement to The Hill stating: “The suggestion that something was inappropriate is completely wrong and incredibly irresponsible. The witch hunt continues.”

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This is not the first time Trump’s golf courses have been the subject of a legal investigation. In August of this year, activists urged a “McMafiaLegal system that would have required Trump the financial origin of his “Cash purchases and development of its two Scottish golf resorts. “

Trump is also the subject of an investigation in Manhattan and by Attorney General Letita James over possible financial and tax inconveniences, including failure to pay taxes on employee perks such as cars and homes. Trump attacked the attorney general Mai for assistance in the Manhattan case and said in a blog post, “There is nothing more corrupt than an investigation desperately looking for a crime.” His attempts to overturn the election results in Georgia last year are also under criminal investigation.