7 fashion tips for the golf course


Tired of the same old golf attire you get on for every game? Does it feel a bit monotonous and you want to find a way to bring some fashion and style into your clothes? Golf apparel is quite a booming industry these days. Today’s golfers have a huge variety of options, and clothing isn’t boring or simple.

We’ve put together some golf course fashion tips to keep you looking good on the course while adhering to the dress code – so that you look presentable at all times.

Experiment with different fabrics

One of the biggest changes in golf clothing is the fabrics used. Emphasis has been placed on fabrics that will increase your comfort and help you be the best player possible. These include fabrics that wick moisture, are lightweight, and offer SPF protection. You want to look for fabrics that can withstand a wide variety of weather conditions and that look and feel high quality and luxurious.

Some of the top sportswear brands have now dipped their toes in the water of golf clothing with great success. They offer golfers high-tech and high-performance fabrics in styles that feel more modern and fashionable.

Take it easy with the patterns

In the past, it was quite common on the golf course to wear patterns with patterns. This look is now considered to be pretty dated and now it’s more about putting an outfit together. If you want to wear a pattern at the top, it needs to be grounded with a solid color at the bottom and vice versa.

Color is welcome on the golf course

On the golf course, there is no need to shy away from color, as it adds personality to your outfit. However, just like with patterns, you don’t want to go overboard. If you choose a light color, then it must have an anchor with a neutral color.

Golf shoes that make a fashion statement

Another item that has come a long way is golf shoes. If you look back over the decades, golf shoes have changed completely and now look more like a normal sports shoe. You can find something that is comfortable and does the job, but in a fun print, color, or style.

Add a little bling to your golf cart

If you own a golf cart, this is also an opportunity to switch from simple to very stylish by adding a little bling and customization. You can pick up car seat covers that will instantly give you personality. Not only will it modernize the look of the car, but it will also protect the seats.

The slim fit trousers are all the rage

If you are looking for a new pair of golf trousers, opt for a slim fit. This is the hottest fit of the moment and has a more modern vibe than classic golf trousers. Another trend are golf joggers. These are sweatpants that have received an injection of style and sophistication and are slim-fitting. You will feel comfortable on the course and in most cases completely acceptable.

Always check course clothing guidelines in advance

The final tip is to make sure you read up on the clothing guidelines for that particular class in advance. You never know if there are certain rules and you don’t want to appear wrongly dressed.

Look and feel good on the golf course

Each of these golf course fashion tips will ensure that you not only look good on a round of golf, but also adhere to the rules of the course. Golf apparel has come a long way and the new modern look is welcome.




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