Adidas lightweight sweatshirt with 1/4 zip

by | Nov 2, 2021 | Golf Shoes

Adidas Lightweight ¼ Zip Sweatshirt Deals

Adidas lightweight 1/4 zip sweatshirt review

We tested this sweatshirt over several laps and under different conditions to see how well it worked.

How tall am I / how am I built?

I am 1.80 m tall and have a slim stature.

What do I usually wear – is it big / small?

When it comes to midlayers, sweaters and tops, I’m usually a medium, and this model was a medium too. It fitted well and was neither big nor small.

How did it fit / feel / performance?

Adidas describes this top as a “lightweight golf sweater,” which seems to sum it up pretty well. The piqué fabric made of 100% recycled polyester is almost weightless and can be easily slipped over a polo or T-shirt.

In fact, it worked very well as an extra layer and under larger tops or jackets. Due to the low weight and the small thickness, I find that there are more suitable models when the temperature drops, such as the adidas Cold.Rdy 1/4 Zip Pullover.

But when I’ve worn it with another piece of clothing, a bigger jacket for example, it really added another layer of warmth and protection to my core.

In terms of wearing comfort, there were no irritating areas on the top and I especially liked the cuffs. They are stretchy and yet conform to the user’s wrists without being too tight. I also liked that the cuffs stayed where they were when you pulled your arm up a bit.

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Do you notice an additional detail?

I checked the Crew Navy / Gray option, but there are a number of other beautiful colors to choose from, and I especially liked the white and gray models.

Can you wear it outside of class?

I guess so. It can definitely be worn in other athletic situations, whether it’s playing or watching.

It worked well as a quick little warm up top in the gym, and I’ve worn it on a couple of walks too.

What does it look like after washing / do you have to iron it?

After a cold wash it was perfectly fine and because of the fabric I don’t think ironing is essential. Hanging on a clothes hanger to dry is sufficient and after washing there are almost no creases.

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