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Which Adidas golf shoe is best?

When playing the game of golf, you may encounter a wide range of courses and weather conditions. Golfers need shoes that can handle all these conditions, so they can play their best golf. For a trusted brand name in golf shoes with a high level of traction and comfort, Adidas golf shoes are a popular choice among golfers of all skill levels.

The top choice is the Adidas Men’s Tour 360 22 Golf Shoes, which have outstanding support for walking around the course in any kind of weather.

What to know before you buy an Adidas golf shoe

Spiked golf shoes

About half of the shoes Adidas offers for golf will have spikes. Rather than the metal spikes that were popular on golf shoes a few decades ago, today’s spiked golf shoes have plastic spikes that are shallow and that don’t dig into the dirt. Instead, the spikes provide a little bit of grip on the grass, preventing unwanted slips.

Some golf courses may not allow spiked golf shoes, because they have concerns about damaging the greens. However, this is rare with the plastic spikes. It is more common for golf courses to ban shoes with metal spikes. Adidas does not make golf shoes with metal spikes.

Spikeless golf shoes

Adidas makes a large number of designs of golf shoes without spikes. These have nubs that provide a little bit of traction. 

You would have a greater chance of slipping when using spikeless Adidas golf shoes versus spiked shoes. However, spikeless shoes provide a greater comfort level for walking around the course than spiked shoes. Some people even choose to wear their Adidas spikeless golf shoes in the clubhouse and at home because of the comfort level.

What to look for in quality Adidas golf shoes


Many models of Adidas golf shoes focus on comfort, which is great when walking several miles during a round of golf. Even if you choose to ride a golf cart, you still will be walking quite a bit, so having comfortable golf shoes from Adidas is important.

Look for a padded collar around the upper part of the shoe and a sock liner to give you cushioning in stress areas. Look for plenty of support around the edges of the shoe, as you will place a lot of pressure in this area when swinging the club.

Waterproof materials

Golfers often encounter damp conditions on the golf course. Having a style of Adidas golf shoe that includes waterproof materials will keep your feet dry and comfortable while playing. Look for a leather or synthetic leather upper section that specifically blocks water if this feature is important to you.


Traditional golf shoes looked more like men’s dress shoes. This is no longer the case, especially with Adidas shoes. These shoes look like comfortable athletic shoes or slip-on shoes that people of any gender can wear. 

The majority of golf shoes from Adidas are white, using other colors as accents. If you often play in damp conditions, you may want a darker-colored shoe to hide soils. And, of course, all Adidas golf shoes will have the iconic three-stripe company logo somewhere on them.

How much you can expect to spend on Adidas golf shoes

The least expensive Adidas golf shoes will cost around $60 for the pair, while the most expensive pairs will cost $200. The average Adidas golf shoes will cost $100-$125.

Adidas golf shoe FAQ

Do I need to buy golf shoes that match the brand of my clubs?

A. No. Some people do like to have all their golf gear match, from clubs to bags to golf balls to shoes, but it is not necessary. Pick golf shoes that are comfortable and fit your needs.

Can’t I just wear my favorite Adidas shoes on the golf course, rather than Adidas golf shoes?

A. Although many golfers wear golf shoes, some players choose to wear regular athletic shoes. This is simply a personal preference. Some people dislike the way the golf shoes grip the grass, but they will risk slipping when wearing non-golf shoes.

What is the best Adidas golf shoe to buy?

Top Adidas golf shoe

Adidas Men’s Tour 360 22 Golf Shoes

What you need to know: These are the most popular golf shoes from Adidas, providing impressive comfort for all 18 holes.

What you’ll love: This pair of shoes consists of 50% recycled materials, which is an important feature for some people. It makes use of TPU plastic spikes that will deliver the greatest level of traction and stability. The fit is highly comfortable and responsive.

What you should consider: It carries a much higher cost than average versus other Adidas golf shoes and versus other brands of golf shoes.

Where to buy: Sold by Adidas, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Amazon

Top Adidas golf shoe for the money

Adidas Women's EQT Spikeless Golf shoes

Adidas Women’s EQT Spikeless Golf shoes

What you need to know: Adidas borrowed from its designs of sneakers to create this highly comfortable shoe that’s perfect for walking 18 holes.

What you’ll love: These shoes have a lower price than you may expect. They include recycled content, which makes them an eco-friendly choice. Even when playing an early-morning round in dewy grass, your feet will stay dry with these.

What you should consider: If you prefer a highly colorful design of shoe, this is not going to meet your needs. Gray and white are the primary design colors.

Where to buy: Sold by Adidas, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Amazon

Worth checking out

Adidas Unisex Solarthon Spikeless Golf Shoes

Adidas Unisex Solarthon Spikeless Golf Shoes

What you need to know: These spikeless golf shoes have the majority of the nubs around the exterior, which helps with generating maximum power on your golf shots.

What you’ll love: These shoes make use of some recycled materials. Adidas emphasizes the balance of the golfer in the design of the outsole.  With extra cushioning in the mid-sole, you can walk the course in comfort.

What you should consider: For golfers who like to slide their feet a little bit in the swing, the extra grip in the nubs on the sole may hinder this move.

Where to buy: Sold by Adidas, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Amazon


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